Housing Benefit information for third parties

This page is intended to provide information to third parties supporting Housing Benefit claimants, such as appointees and advisory organisations. If you are unable to find the information you require, please contact us.



If you are an appointee acting on behalf of a claimant who is unable to manage their affairs, we will require you to complete an appointee form.

As an appointee you will be responsible for the administration of the claim, this includes notifying us of changes and repaying overpaid Housing Benefit.

Once we have accepted you as an appointee for the claimant, all documentation will be sent to you and you can communicate with us as if the claim were your own.


Voluntary/Advisory Services

Sometimes a claimant may need some help managing their claim. If you are a voluntary or advisory service, or a friend or family member assisting a claimant, the claimant will need to complete the authority to disclose form to confirm that they would like us to discuss their claim with you.

These authorisations are time limited and are intended to provide short-term authority for specific matters. If the claimant nominates you to assist them on an ongoing basis, we will contact the claimant periodically to review the authorisation.

This is the only authority form we will accept for this purpose.

Please note the claimant will remain responsible for the administration of their claim and the claimant will continue to be the main point of contact for queries regarding their claim.