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Present consultations

Public Spaces Protection Orders

We want to hear your views on the introduction of two Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). These are being proposed as a way of addressing the small number of individuals and groups who commit anti-social behaviour within the borough. PSPOs were introduced by the Government to help councils tackle anti-social behaviour locally, so that public spaces can be enjoyed by everyone.

A current PSPO covers various public areas within Epsom and Ewell and makes it an offence to refuse to stop drinking alcohol or surrender alcohol when requested by the Police or an authorised council person. The proposal seeks to renew the current PSPO, which will shortly expire - full explanation here (PDF may not be accessible for some devices, opens in new window).

Please see the consultation - here .

A second PSPO is being proposed to cover the use of psychoactive substances, such as nitrous oxide. Concerns have been raised by residents about an increase in drug paraphernalia litter linked to psychoactive substance misuse, in particular the silver nitrous oxide canisters, often left behind in large quantities in parks and other public open spaces - full explanation here (PDF may not be accessible for some devices, opens in new window).

Please see the consultation - here.

Both consultations are open for your views until 6 September.

Previous consultations

Horton Cemetery local listing
This consultation ended on 31 August 2021 - thank you for all the views expressed. Your input will form part of a report that will be submitted to the Licensing and Planning Policy Committee in September. We were asking for the local community’s opinions (and the reasons for these views) on whether Horton Cemetery should be added to the council's local list of buildings, monuments and landscapes which have historical or architectural interest.  Local listing is a concept that is designed to ensure that the historic and architectural interest of buildings, etc that are of local importance, but do not meet the criteria for being nationally listed, are taken account of during the planning process.

Building Control Service - Best Value Consultation
This consultation ended on 29 August 2021 - many thanks if you expressed your views. A report is now being prepared for councillors which will be discussed at a forthcoming committee meeting.
Building Control is a statutory service that aims to ensure the safety of buildings and the people who use them. Local authorities are also required to provide an ‘at cost’ (non-profit making) building regulation service. Due to significant challenges in continuing to deliver the service as currently provided, the Council was consulting on the preferred approach to future service delivery.

Gibraltar Recreation Ground visitors survey (November 2019)

Shadbolt Park visitors survey (November 2019)