Effective, efficient and worthwhile consultation is at the heart of our commitment to the community.

We encourage people to engage with us to help us improve our services and provide value for money.

Present consultations

This consultation is the core in developing the long-term strategy for the borough. We will be working on this consultation until the summer of 2019. You can participate in a working groups, meet the team at various events, raise something you feel strongly about and/or simply take part in a survey (the first survey is open until the end of the year). Visit the dedicated website - here

Recreation grounds
As part of our ongoing park users consultations, we are currently running two surveys which you are invited to participate.
Poole Road Recreation ground - survey is here 
Long Grove Recreation ground - survey is here

Simply weekly recycling
Local authorities are facing budgetary constraints while trying to increase recycling rates. Many councils have decreased rubbish collections to once in three weeks to try and address both issues. Last year we tried a different approach with the 'Big Switch' to our kerbside waste and recycling service. We switched bins, so residents have a bigger recycling bin and smaller waste bin and we increased collections so both are collected weekly. We are now reviewing the service to ensure we are meeting your requirements and how you think we managed the transition. We would very much like to hear your views.. Your feedback will form an important part of the review. Thank you if you took part in the survey which is now closed. The results will be published below when they are available.

Past consultations

Ewell Court Park visitors survey (January 2018)
Richards Field Car Park Survey (September 2017)
Epsom Playhouse (August 2017)
Rosebery Park visitors survey (May 2017)
Community Alarm and Telecare survey (May 2017)
Auriol Park visitor survey (January 2017)
Meals on Wheels survey (November 2016)
Bourne Hall Museum survey (September 2016)
Retailers parking survey (September 2016)
Hudson House car park survey (January 2016)
Alexandra Recreational Ground visitors' survey (December 2015)
Council tax support survey (October 2015)
Meals on wheels survey (September 2015)
Council website survey (September 2015)
Social centres and Routecall survey (September 2015 )
Older residents accommodation needs survey (March 2015)
Council Tax Support consultation (October 2014)
Citizens' Panel survey (March 2014)
Council Tax Support consultation (November 2012)
Residents survey (January 2012)
Budget consultation (September 2011)
Blue badge holders parking access survey (June 2010)
Blue badge parking focus groups (May 2010)
Citizens Panel survey (October 2010)
Schools survey (October 2011)
Residents survey  (September 2009)
Schools survey (April 2009)
Citizens Panel survey (June 2008)
Horton Chapel consultation (March 2008)
Multi Use Games Area survey (October 2007)
Longmead Alley Gates (October 2007)