Effective, efficient and worthwhile consultation is at the heart of our commitment to the community.

We encourage people to engage with us to help us improve our services and provide value for money.

Present consultations

Events Parking at Epsom Downs
We are currently running a consultation on behalf of the Epsom and Walton Downs Conservators. 

Epsom Downs Racecourse has asked for formal permission to use areas adjacent to the main stand for parking during various events organised throughout the year. The Racecourse has been using these areas for parking for events for a number of years and it is now proposed that formal consent is granted by the Conservators. 

Prior to granting consent the Conservators wish to seek your views about the parking of vehicles in the indicated areas. Your views will be taken in to account however they will not be determinative of the application. The deadline for submitting your views is 28 February.

You can access the survey here

Ewell Court Park visitor survey
The consultation to help us with the management plan for Ewell Court Park has now closed - thank you if you took part. We will publish the findings below at a later date.

Local Plan
Thank you if you took part in the latest consultation for the borough’s latest Local Plan, which revolved around new housing (how much we can accommodate within the borough and where it should go). This is now closed. There has been a series of consultations around this subject following a government approved timetable. The next consultation on this subject will be in the spring.

Borough Insight
The consultation about about Borough Insight, the paper magazine delivered to households three times a year and the monthly electronic newsletter, is now closed. Your views will be the core of a report to Councillors who will then decide on the future of this method of communication. Thank you for your input.

Past consultations

Richards Field Car Park Survey (September 2017)
Epsom Playhouse (August 2017)
Rosebery Park visitors survey (May 2017)
Community Alarm and Telecare survey (May 2017)
Auriol Park visitor survey (January 2017)
Meals on Wheels survey (November 2016)
Bourne Hall Museum survey (September 2016)
Retailers parking survey (September 2016)
Hudson House car park survey (January 2016)
Alexandra Recreational Ground visitors' survey (December 2015)
Council tax support survey (October 2015)
Meals on wheels survey (September 2015)
Council website survey (September 2015)
Social centres and Routecall survey (September 2015 )
Older residents accommodation needs survey (March 2015)
Council Tax Support consultation (October 2014)
Citizens' Panel survey (March 2014)
Council Tax Support consultation (November 2012)
Residents survey (January 2012)
Budget consultation (September 2011)
Blue badge holders parking access survey (June 2010)
Blue badge parking focus groups (May 2010)
Citizens Panel survey (October 2010)
Schools survey (October 2011)
Residents survey  (September 2009)
Schools survey (April 2009)
Citizens Panel survey (June 2008)
Horton Chapel consultation (March 2008)
Multi Use Games Area survey (October 2007)
Longmead Alley Gates (October 2007)