What is an Article 4 Direction?

An Article 4 Direction provides additional planning control in a particular location. It removes Permitted Development rights over some alterations, such as new porches, replacement windows and doors, replacement roof coverings and the exterior painting of a building. Most directions only relate to those parts of the building facing onto a street, public footpath or open space, but sometimes they cover alterations and extensions at the rear or developments such as sheds in back gardens.

If your property is covered by an Article 4 Direction planning permission is required for these minor developments that would otherwise not require an application for planning permission. This enables us to ensure these minor developments comply with our policies to protect the character of a conservation area or the visual amenities of other areas.

Our Article 4 Directions are listed below.

Burgh Heath Road Article 4 Direction

Church Street Article 4 Direction

College Road Article 4 Direction

Downs Road Estate Article 4 Direction

Ewell Village Article 4 Direction

Higher Green/Longdown Lane North Article 4 Direction

Lintons Lane Article 4 Direction

Pikes Hill Article 4 Direction

Stamford Green Article 4 Direction - 1

Stamford Green Article 4 Direction - 2

The Green Ewell Downs Road Article 4 Direction

Worple Road Article 4 Direction

Article 4 Directions are also in place to control changes of use that are not related to heritage. For details, please visit the following pages:

Epsom office building Article 4 Directions

Primary retail frontages - Epsom, Ewell village and Stoneleigh Broadway