Public speaking and asking questions to committees

If you would like to ask a question or make a statement at one of our Committee meetings, or speak at a meeting with regard to a planning application, please find further information below.

Questions and Statements at Committee meetings

Do you want to ask a question of one of our Committees with regard to the services we provide? Is there something you wish to say about the way your local services are run? Public questions and statements can be made at every ordinary meeting of the following Committees:

A period of 30 minutes is available at the start of each ordinary meeting of these Committees for the purposes of receiving public questions and statements. If you are interested in asking a question or making a statement at a meeting, please contact Democratic Services via email at or telephone on 01372 732000.

Public speaking at Planning Committee meetings

Public speaking in support or objection to planning applications is permitted at meetings of our Planning Committee. Information on how to register to speak at a meeting is included on the agenda available online.

The following categories of speakers are allowed for each application: two objectors, and two supporters (including the applicant/agent). Each will be given a maximum of three minutes in which to express their views.

After all the speakers have finished speaking for an item, the Chair will open the item to the Committee for debate. At the end of the debate the Committee will vote on the proposal.