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Yes please!

Paper; cardboard; cans; plastic bottles, pots, tubs and trays

No thank you

Glass; ceramics; food; paint cans; other metals; other plastics; food and drink cartons

If you run a typical office, shop or simply have a wide variety of waste that could be recycled, this is the bin for you. Recycling saves you money because we can do something useful with it - and mixed recycling bins are really easy to use.

Available bin sizes

Bin type - mixed recycling Width Depth Height
1100 litre bin image1100 litre 122cm 92cm 132cm
660 litre bin image660 litre 120cm 74cm 119cm
360 litre bin image360 litre 55cm 86cm 105cm
240 litre bin image240 litre 57cm 73cm 105cm

Thinking about your waste

Consider internal bins or bags to help you gather and manage your recycling.

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