What you can expect from us

We make sure that streets, parks and open spaces are kept clean. We must also keep our own public land clear of litter and refuse. Other bodies (such as Housing Associations, hospitals and government departments) have a similar duty as do the governing bodies of local schools and colleges.

Litter can take the form of:

  • Chewing gum
  • Cigarette and cigar ends
  • Cans
  • Bottles
  • Paper and plastic bags
  • Left over food and drink containers
  • Flyers
  • Dog Fouling

The offence of littering applies to all places that are open to the air, including public land, private land and water

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council are unable to remove litter that has been dropped on private land. It is the responsibility of the land owner to arrange for the litter to be removed.

If the litter is reported on private land, we will need to investigate. If you are a registered customer, you will be updated once our investigation has been completed.

To report litter, please use form above.

If your report is for a fly tip, please visit our flytip page.

Litter Bins

Our litter bins have advertising panels. If you are interested in advertising, then please contact us to register your interest. If you see an overflowing or damaged litter bin, please let us know please use our eform above or phone 01372 732000. Please make a note of the type of bin and, if possible an accurate description of its location.

We're all proud of our borough, especially our parks and open spaces. So when you're out and about, please remember to:

  • put your litter in a street litter bin
  • bag up and dispose of dog waste in any street litter bin

Request a new litter bin

You can request a new litter bin to be installed in the borough. Just use our online form to let us know where you think it should go and why. When we receive a request, we’ll consider the area and the current bin emptying routes. We’ll inspect the site and decide whether a bin is necessary.

New bins are most likely to be approved in areas near to:

  • Schools and colleges
  • Bus stops
  • Shops, newsagents and shopping parades

Please use our eform above or call 01372 732000.