Premises licences

What do I need to know about a premises licence and how to apply?

Apply for a premises licence 
Apply for a provisional statement
Apply for a Designated Premises Supervisor to be disapplied
Apply to vary your premises licence
Apply to transfer your premises licence
Apply for a notification of interest in premises under section 178
Apply for an interim authority notice
Consent to transfer form
Request to be removed as designated premises supervisor
Consent to be designated premises supervisor
Application to vary a designated premises supervisor
Notify us of a change of name or address
Make annual fee payment
Application for minor variation

Responsible Authority contacts

Licensing Act 2003 - Licensing Applications Received

The following licensing applications have been received by the Licensing Authority: 

Application type Applicant Premise address Last date of objection
Grant of a Premises Licence Bottlehub Ltd 139 Ewell ByPass, Epsom, Surrey. KT17 2PX 20 December 2020
Grant of a Premises Licence Lua's Cafe Bar Ltd 50 Stoneleigh Broadway, Stoneleigh, Surrey. KT17 2HS 20 December 2020
Grant of a Premises Licence Pall Mall and Woodcote Park Clubhouses Ltd Royal Automobile Club, Wilmerhatch Lane, Epsom, Surrey. KT18 7EW 12 January 2021

All New and Variation applications received by the Local Authority for a Premises or Club Certificate, must be advertised in order for Responsible Authorities and Other Persons to make representations during the 28 day consultation period.

For more details on these applications, please email

Any representations made against a licensing application must be on the grounds that the granting of the licence would undermine one or more of the four licensing objectives listed below:

  • Protection of children from harm
  • Prevention of crime and disorder
  • Public safety
  • Prevention of public nuisance.

The representation must be based on evidence that you are already suffering from nuisance from the premises. It is important that you give valid reasons and supportive evidence that links directly to the premises in question, to help support your representation.

For guidance on how to make a representation, please see the leaflet “How to Make a Representation” or contact the Licensing Department.

Any representations are currently required to be sent to