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Current services at the tip

Please note due to social distancing on site there can still be heavy traffic queues for the tip. We advise you to go only if it is essential.

Surrey County Council's Community Recycling Centre ('the tip') in Blenheim Road is currently open as follows:

  • Monday OPEN 8am - 4pm
  • Thursday OPEN 8am - 4pm
  • Friday OPEN 8am - 4pm
  • Saturday and Sunday OPEN 8am - 4pm

Please note the capacity of the tip is currently reduced, meaning that it can only accept certain things:


Before you travel check Surrey County Council's website for full details of what you can take to the tip


  • Chargeable waste (soil, rubble, plasterboard or tyres): this is due to payment-related operational issues
  • Textiles: this is due to the continued closure of Surrey County Council’s textile recycler. Weekly kerbside textiles collections
  • Asbestos: this is due to social distancing restrictions meaning that not all waste containers can yet be activated

Due to social distancing staff will not be able to assist you in unloading your vehicle, including white goods. So only bring to the site what you can carry yourself.

Social distancing rules will remain in place. This will limit how many cars can visit at any time, and reduce the through-flow of cars by around 75% compared to normal at this time of year. As a result, traffic management may be in place. Expect significant queues and only visit the tip if it is essential.

Residents using a van, pick-up or trailer will be able to visit the tip again but, as normal, will still need a van permit.

Please note that the tip is operated by Surrey County Council, to whom any queries should be directed.

Recycle small electrical items at some local recycling points

We have been able to secure recycling banks for small electrical items at three of our local recycling points:

You can recycle small electrical items here, such as kettles, toasters, irons, radios, hairdryers, toasters, mobile phones etc. You can leave plugs and cords on.

Other local recycling points

Find your nearest local recycling point and what can be recycled there. Do not leave anything other than the specified materials.

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