Finding somewhere to rent

Finding somewhere to rent

Private rented housing is a good way to find housing quickly.

There are a number of websites now used by landlords and agents to advertise homes for rent allowing you to search by area, size of property and price. Simply searching 'homes to rent' and the areas you are considering will bring you results. You will also be able to identify local letting agents through these searches. You are able to register with most letting agents so that they can let you know when homes that meet your preferences become available.

It is also worth looking locally. Check local newspapers and on advertising boards in newsagents and supermarkets.

Renting in the private sector

Local estate and letting agents

If you rent privately and are on a limited income or in receipt of welfare benefits you may be entitled to housing benefit or universal credit to help you pay the rent. Housing benefit is paid by the local authority in whose area the property is located and is based on an assessment of your household size, the rent level of the property and your income and savings.

Rent deposit scheme

We also help some homeless households to find private rented accommodation through the rent deposit scheme. This scheme assists people to find private rented accommodation We work with private landlords, agents and tenants and give advice on welfare benefit entitlements.

We are able to offer a bond deposit, the equivalent of one month’s rent, to help secure private rented accommodation. This scheme is intended to help people we would have a duty to under the homelessness legislation and referrals to the scheme can only be made by the housing options adviser after an applicant has had a housing options assessment.

We also act as an advocate between the tenant and the landlord and offer advice and practical support designed to help people keep their homes.

Rent deposit scheme

Rent deposit scheme for single people and couples

We can offer help with a deposit to non-priority need homeless single people and couples with a local connection to the borough. The scheme can assist with either a cash deposit or bond up to the value of the relevant housing benefit/local housing allowance rate.

If you wish to be considered you must have a housing options interview or have completed the on-line housing options wizard. Applicants must have a local connection with the borough and must be able to manage a tenancy.

Suitable applicants will be issued with deposit bond offer letter which will be valid for three months. This can be used to give prospective landlords to inform them about the scheme.

Applicants will be responsible for finding their own private rented accommodation. The accommodation can be located either in or outside the borough.

Our rent deposit officer will assist with setting up of the tenancy and issuing the bond or cash deposit, however the scheme cannot assist with on-going tenancy sustainment other than general housing advice.

Non priority need rent deposit scheme for single people and couples