Corporate governance is about the systems and processes we have in place to control our functions, and essentially, do the right things in the right way. It includes demonstrating accountability and transparency in our actions and decision-making. 

Therefore, corporate governance "comprises the arrangements put in place to ensure that the intended outcomes for stakeholders", namely the people who live work and study in the Borough, "are defined and achieved" (CIPFA/SOLACE 2016, Delivering Good Governance in Local Government). Acting in the public interested at all times is a key aspect of good governance for local authorities, which is personified in the Nolan Committee's 'Seven Principles of Public Life'. 

There are some key documents that we have to demonstrate we are operating with good governance:


Our constitution sets out how the council conducts its business, how decisions are made, and the procedures to be followed to make sure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people. Some of these processes are required by the law, while others are a matter for the council to determine itself. It can be accessed using this link: Constitution of Epsom and Ewell Borough Council.

Operating Framework

In addition to the constitution, we have a Council Operating Framework. This framework includes additional procedures, protocols, and further information on the council's functions and structure. The framework is available using this link: Council Operating Framework.

Code of Corporate Governance

We have adopted a Code of Corporate Governance, which sets out the principles of good governance and what arrangements we have in place to ensure the council conducts its business in accordance with them. The Code can be downloaded below.

Annual Governance Statement

Each year we undertake a review of our corporate governance arrangements, to assess how well they are operating in practice. An Annual Governance Statement is produced to summarise the review. The statement includes our opinion on the effectiveness of our arrangements in the year, and an action plan for any areas for improvement. The latest Annual Governance Statement can be downloaded below.