Tree information and preservation orders

What do I need to know?

Tree Preservation Orders are made by councils to protect important trees and woodland. The main effect of an order is to prohibit the cutting down, uprooting, topping, lopping, wilful damage or wilful destruction of trees. This means that our permission is required to carry out any works. For example pruning, felling or works that may disturb or cause damage to the roots of a protected tree.

In our borough hundreds of trees are protected by such orders. Before any work is undertaken you can find out whether a tree is protected by searching our maps.

Trees may also be protected because:

  • they are in a Conservation Area (six weeks notice required for trees with a stem over 75mm in diameter measured at 1.5m above ground level)
  • or they are subject to a restrictive planning condition. To find information about this please search our database of planning applications.

To apply for consent to cut down, top, lop or uproot any tree subject to a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) apply online or download a form:

Further information

In addition to the restrictions imposed by planning law, trees to be felled may require a felling licence. If you intend to fell any tree or trees that will amount to over five cubic metres of timber, you may require permission from the Forestry Authority - part of the Forestry Commission. This doesn't apply to trees within gardens.