Barrier controlled parking


We have two barrier controlled car parks at the Ashley Centre and Hook Road.

The barrier system uses plastic recyclable tokens rather than paper permits.

As you enter, you will be issued with a yellow token when you press the green button. When you are ready to leave, inserting the token into one of the pay machines calculates the length of your stay and amount due. Compared to pay and display, this system helps you avoid overstaying the time printed on your ticket which can lead to a Penalty Charge Notice being issued. This allows our Civil Enforcement Officers to focus on street enforcement instead of patrolling the car parks.

*Please note that from Wednesday 22nd June the car parks in Town Hall and Hope Lodge are available for use by Pay and Display or RingGo.

Parker Card for Hook Road or Ashley Centre car park

Hook Road - Users of Hook Road car park have the option to purchase a Parker card.  This card allows you to park at a discounted rate of £4.00 per day.

Ashley Centre - If you work in Epsom Town Centre, the Ashley Centre Parker Card allows you to park in the Ashley Centre Multi-storey car park at a discounted rate of £8 per day.

For both of these cards an annual fee of £15 is payable for the use of the card which will expire on 31 March 2024

The card can be used on a pay as you park basis or alternatively credit can be stored onto your card so you do not have to go to the pay station every time you use the car park. The charge will be deducted when you present your card at the exit barrier.

You can use our parker card form at the top of this page.

Blue badge parker card

Disabled blue badge holders may wish to apply for a blue badge parker card. This enables the user to benefit from an additional hour of parking, free of charge, over and above the paid for time (the first hour is always chargeable).

You can also store money onto your card so you do not have to go to the pay station every time you use the car park. The charge will be deducted when you present your card at the exit barrier at the end of your visit.

To apply for a blue badge parker card you will need to either bring in a copy of your valid badge to the Town Hall reception or scan in colour and attach to the online application available above.

Lost cards

It is important that a lost card is reported to us immediately so the card can be deactivated. You can do this either by telephone Monday to Friday during office hours on 01372 732000 or by email to

Please note if a replacement card is required a charge of £15 will be applied. If you have credit on the lost card, only the balance at the time of notification will be transferred to a new card.

Save time with evening pre-pay

You can now pre-pay for evening parking in the Ashley Centre Car Park.

  • Entry token must be taken after 4pm Monday to Friday or after 6pm on Saturdays
  • Before inserting token, select the pre-payment option at pay station. A red tick will appear in the pre-pay box on the screen to indicate selection.
  • Insert token and a £3.00 charge for evening payment will appear on screen.
  • After payment retain token to use when exiting car park.

Vehicles must leave the car park by midnight the same day.