Garden waste recycling - fortnightly collections


Garden waste recycling

This is a fortnightly, chargeable service for subscribers only. Full terms and conditions.

Garden waste collections take place fortnightly on your normal collection day. Get your garden waste calendar.

Leave your bins in a clearly visible place at the edge of your property by 6.30am. We work as normal on bank holiday Mondays and Good Friday. There are no garden waste collections during Christmas or New Year's weeks.

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Please recycle:

  • Grass cuttings
  • Small twigs and branches
  • Leaves or fallen fruit
  • Prunings and clippings
  • Flowers, plants and weeds
  • Straw and hay (provided they are not contaminated with animal waste)
  • Shredded paper (loose, NOT IN PLASTIC BAGS)

Please DON'T recycle:

  • Branches thicker than your wrist (three inches/7.5cm)
  • Plant pots, trays, bags or any plastics
  • Soil, stones or ashes
  • Kitchen waste. Due to the risk of cross-contamination with meat residue, any kitchen waste should be disposed of in your food waste bin, even if you grew it in your own garden

Garden waste must be loose and contained within your bin

Do not put sacks or bags in your bins. They cannot be composted and may cause the whole recycling load to be rejected.

We cannot collect bins that are overflowing and dangerous to put on our bin-lifts.

Who can join?

All households in the Borough can join, as can schools, places of worship and charities. If you live in a flat you may wish to consider communal arrangements. Contact us using our form at the top of this page.

Garden waste collections are not available to businesses.

How much does it cost/how do I pay?

Garden waste bins cost £69.95 each per year.

Set up a Direct Debit or pay by card using our subscription form at the top of this page.

Subscriptions are based on a twelve-month, non-refundable agreement. There is no limit to the number of bins you can subscribe to. Full terms and conditions.

Renewing your subscription

  • If you pay by Direct Debit you do not need to do anything. We will notify you each year that we are collecting a further twelve months' subscription.
  • If you pay by another method we will contact you before your subscription expires, to ask whether you wish to renew it for a further year.

If you move house

  • If you are moving out of the Borough please notify us and present the bin for removal.
  • If you are moving within the Borough, contact us before the move to advise of your new address and date of move. You must take the bin with you in order for your subscription membership to be transferred to the new address.

Have you tried home composting?

Head towards our home composting page to learn more and even grab yourself a discount on hot composters and related products. 

Garden waste at the tip

Information about Surrey County Council's Community Recycling Centre, Blenheim Road.

Quick guide to recycling

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