Taxi and Private Hire

Hackney Carriages (taxis) may be hailed in the street, hired from a taxi rank or pre-booked. Private hire vehicles may only be booked in advance through a licensed private hire operator.

Private hire operators are those working to book vehicles in advance. 

This authority regulates the fares charged by hackney carriages, whereas there is no power to do so with private hire vehicles

An offence is committed if someone drives a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle when they do not hold a taxi or private hire driver licence issued by the same licensing authority. For private hire journeys, an offence is committed if the vehicle, driver and operator are not licensed by the same licensing authority.

Taxi safety

Here are some ways to check you are getting into a licensed taxi or private hire vehicle:

  • Is there a local authority licence plate displayed on the vehicle rear?
  • Does the driver have a current local authority identity badge?

List of designated wheelchair accessible vehicles

A list of the designated wheelchair accessible taxis and PHVs licenced by Epsom & Ewell Borough Council is available in the 'Documents' section below.

Making a complaint

If your complaint is in relation to an alleged offence, such as reckless driving or sounding of a horn, you should report it to Surrey Police by calling 101 or via

Any complaints, comments or compliments with respect to to an Epsom & Ewell licensed driver, vehicle or operator should be emailed to 

Applying for a licence

Before applying for a licence applicants should familiarise themselves with the licensing policies and fees shown in the download section below

Report change in circumstance

If a licence holder/applicant changes their name, address, other contact details (including telephone number or email address) or operator during the term of their licence or whilst their application is pending, they must inform the licensing team in writing within seven days.

A licence holder/applicant must notify the issuing authority in writing within 48 hours of an arrest and release, charge or conviction of any sexual offence, any offence involving dishonesty or violence and any motoring offence (including penalty points).

Updates should be sent to