Planning enforcement


Planning permission is normally required for the development of property, whether this involves erecting buildings or making material changes of use of the land or buildings. We can use planning enforcement powers to rectify development carried out without proper authorisation, if such action is justified (expedient) and is in the public interest.

It is not an offence to carry out development without first obtaining planning permission. Where our assessment indicates that planning permission would be granted for development which has already taken place, we are likely to suggest to the person responsible for the development that they should submit a retrospective planning application. Only where development is clearly unacceptable will we seek to use our formal enforcement powers to remove unauthorised development.

Making a Planning Enforcement complaint

Before making a Planning Enforcement complaint you should consider the following:

Please use our form at the top of this page to report a planning enforcement complaint.

Investigation of complaints

We will acknowledge receipt of your enquiry and may request that you provide additional information. You will be advised of how we intend to pursue the matter as soon as we are in a position to do so.  

Planning Enforcement Plan

Th Council has produced a document which sets out how we will deal with potential planning breaches. It provides information and guidance for residents, developers and those with other interests, on how complaints about unauthorised development are handled.


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