Town Twinning: Epsom & Ewell and Chantilly, France

Since 1996, Epsom & Ewell has been twinned with the French town of Chantilly, one of the most beautiful and historic towns in France. Chantilly lies just north east of Paris.

The original twinning ties were based largely on the two towns’ common horse racing heritage. Both are world renowned horse race training centres and while Epsom is home to the ‘original’ Derby, Chantilly hosts the French Derby at its racecourse. Chantilly is also famed for the impressive Château de Chantilly.

Since Epsom & Ewell was officially twinned with Chantilly the Town Twinning Association, comprising councillors and volunteer residents, has been responsible for developing and running twinning activities. It has worked with Chantilly counterparts to help enrich the lives of residents on both sides of the Channel via visits to and from Chantilly by individuals and interest groups, such as Epsom Rotary, schools, musicians and choirs. The association also runs a programme of cultural, educational and social events in the borough. 

If you are interested in joining the Town Twinning Association, you can find out more by emailing: There is also plenty of information on the Association’s website:

UK and French flags with Epsom & Ewell Borough Shield in front of the UK flag and Chantilly regional image of a bugle in front of the French flag.