Planning advice


If you are waiting for a decision to an existing planning application

If you are waiting for a response to an existing pre-application enquiry or planning submission, please be aware that the planning service is currently receiving an extremely high volume of planning applications. As a consequence, we are experiencing significant delays and it may take more time than usual to either validate or process your application, for which we apologise.

We have sought external help to process those applications that have been with us for some time and it is hoped that most of the applications will be returned to us for determination within the next month. Other applications are being dealt with by our in-house team and the case officer will be able to provide further information. However, in-house officer caseloads are still high and officers are doing their best to work through these. Therefore, unless your application is overdue, please could we ask that you await the outcome rather than contact them via our Customer Team.

We apologise sincerely for any inconvenience that this may cause you. More information about planning applications is available on our website, including how to apply, view and comment on an application or report unauthorised works.

Do you need planning permission?

The Planning Portal website has interactive guidance on when planning permission is required.

We will not be able to respond to enquiries as to whether your proposal is permitted development. If you wish to gain a formal decision as to whether planning permission is required then please submit an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development.

If you are applying for a new dropped kerb or an extension to an existing dropped kerb on an unclassified road (outside A, B, C), provided that the access falls within the curtilage of your site/redline boundary and is intended to serve no more than one dwelling, and not any commercial or industrial premise, or any property that has had its permitted development rights removed or involves is a listed building, please submit an application for a Certificate of Lawful Development (proposed development).

If you are applying for a cross-over, planning permission may be required if any of the above limitations are of pertinence, and/or if the proposal falls outside the curtilage of your site/redline boundary or land ownership, or the intention is to construct the proposed off-highway parking area using non porous material such as concrete, asphalt concrete, block paving or similar. Please submit an application for a Full Planning Permission. 

Pre-application advice 

If you know that your proposal requires planning permission then it is advisable that you obtain pre-application advice on the suitability of your proposal. This is a fee paid service.

We are currently not offering meetings for householder enquiries.

We may enter into planning performance agreements at this stage in the development process.

Applying for planning permission

We encourage the submission of online applications. This can be done through the Planning Portal website. Please note that paper submissions do not require duplicate documents unless the application is for a major scheme.

To assist you with your submission we have produced a local validation list. This list provides guidance about the level and type of information required to be submitted with a planning application. In addition, our Where I live search (see link below) enables you to search for land constraints.

Many proposals may be liable for the Community Infrastructure Levy. More information is provided in our guidance.

Optimising Housing Delivery (May 2018)

The Council has adopted a new approach to 'Making Efficient Use of Land- Optimising Housing Delivery'. This is an interim measure in response to the changes in National Planning Policy. 

Affordable homes

Some proposals may need to provide affordable homes as part of the scheme. Our local plan policy CS9 sets out our requirements. We have produced further information about affordable homes which will be helpful when considering new development.

We have developed an affordable housing calculator and some guidance notes to help you work out the affordable housing contribution for your development site.

Sustainable drainage

From the 6 April 2015, all applications for major development are required to show that sustainable drainage systems for the management of run-off are designed into the scheme, unless demonstrated to be inappropriate.

Planning Enforcement

If you want to report a breach of planning please complete the on-line Enforcement form above.

Planning Appeals

Information about making a planning appeal can be found on the Planning Portal site.

Further advice