Home Improvement Agency


The council's Home Improvement Scheme can help you stay safe, healthy and independent in your own home. 

We are here to help older people, those on a low income or benefits and people with a disability. We can offer help or advice on such matters as adaptations, repairs, energy efficiency and benefit entitlement and whatever your circumstances.

  • Is your home missing cavity or loft insulation?
  • Do you need external lighting for your security?
  • Do you need a spy hole and door chain fitted?
  • Do you struggle to access your property or garden?
  • Do you have difficulty using the stairs?
  • Do you need a fire or smoke alarm?
  • Is your side gate and shed securely locked?
  • Do you need help getting in or out of the bath/shower?
  • Are your lights and sockets working?

If the answer to any of these is 'yes', please contact us to find out of you are eligible for any assistance.

We can help with:

• Adaptations such as stair lifts, level access showers, access ramps
• Obtaining estimates for work with competitive prices
• Provide a list of reputable local contractors that you can trust
• Community Alarm Service - 24 hour help at the touch of a button
• Home security advice - to make people and their homes safe from crime
• Energy efficiency advice - information on grants available to assist to save energy and save money
• Information on other helpful agencies and partners (e.g. Citizens Advice Bureau, Age Concern Epsom).

Handy Person Service

If you are over 65 or disabled and on a means tested benefit, we may be able to help you with small jobs around the home. This could be with things like changing a light bulb or putting up a shelf.

Disabled Facilities Grants

We can provide grants for essential adaptations to assist a disabled person stay safe and independent in their own home. Initially, your needs will be assessed by an occupational therapist and they will send us their recommendations.

More information about Disabled Facilities Grants

Discretionary Housing Grants

These grants are to assist vulnerable residents to carry out a wide range of minor adaptations, small repairs and security measures around the home.

This reduces risks and accidents to help you feel safe and secure in your home.

Private sector housing grants assistance policy 

Housing is a key determinant of health and poor housing is directly linked to poor health. This policy sets out how we will provide financial assistance to support the provision of decent, healthy and safe housing within the borough. 

Private Sector Housing Grants Assistance Policy V5

Further information

More more information, please email HIA@epsom-ewell.gov.uk