Help with your broadband and phone packages

Cheaper broadband and phone packages

If you are struggling to afford broadband or phone services, most broadband and mobile providers offer customers a wide range of ‘social tariffs’.

Social tariffs can provide a safety net for customers, with different deals available to suit different needs.

Some providers offer cheaper packages that are only available to customers who receive certain government benefits.

Ofcom provide a list of cheaper broadband and phone packages.

Voice-only landline services

BT and KCOM also provide cheaper voice-only landline tariffs to eligible households. (Details of these are in the BT and KCOM sections in the link above.)

Other support might be available to customers who cannot get online. If you’re struggling to pay your mobile phone or broadband bill, speak to your provider as soon as possible to see how they can help.

Tips for cutting your costs

Lots of people are looking at ways to save money on the services they use every day. This includes phone, broadband and pay-TV services.

Take a look at these Ofcom tips to see if they could help you.