Food waste recycling - weekly collection


Leave your bins out for collection in a clearly visible place at the edge of your property by 6.30am on collection day. Please note we work as normal on bank holiday Mondays and Good Friday. What happens if a collection is missed?

Weekly food waste recycling

 You can use your silver kitchen caddy to contain your food waste indoors. You can line it with plastic bags or liners. (Please note that we supply a kitchen caddy to new properties but are unable to supply them generally. Both kitchen caddies and liners are widely available online).

Please recycle:

  • All of your food waste, cooked or uncooked, such as meat, fish, vegetables, bones, plate scrapings

Please don't recycle:

  • Bulk liquids like large amounts of milk or soup. This is because it's difficult and messy for our staff to handle
  • Packaging. You can line your bin or caddy with a plastic bag or liner. But do not recycle other packaging in this bin. Recycle cardboard, and some plastics.

What happens to your recycling? Learn more about reducing your shopping bill (link is external).



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