Charities - House to house and street collections

House to house collections

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We issue house to house collection permits and our policy sets out how the Licensing Authority will deal with applications for house to house collections. Our House to house policy came into effect on1 January 2016.

Licence summary - To carry out house-to-house collections for charitable purposes in Epsom and Ewell you need a licence from us. Applications must be in the form prescribed by the Local Authority.

Street collection and sales

Application to licence a street collection

Supply a return for a street collection

We issue street collection permits and our  Street collections policy took effect in January 2016 setting out how we will deal with applications. There is no fee payable for this application. Please contact us if you require additional information or assistance with your application.

Licence summary - To collect money or sell articles for the benefit of charitable or other purposes in England or Wales, you require a street collection permit from your Local Authority.