What is a complaint?

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about something we said we would do and didn't, or a poor standard of service. This could either be by ourselves or a contractor acting on our behalf.

What is not a complaint?
A complaint is not:

  • A request for service (e.g. noise problems)
  • A request for information or an explanation of our policy (e.g. level of Council tax set)

Matters for which there is a right of appeal to an independent tribunal (e.g. planning applications).

How to make your complaint

Stage 1 (Initial contact) 

If you wish to complain about a service, express an opinion on services or policy, give praise or make a suggestion, you are able to do this by emailing complaints@epsom-ewell.gov.uk(link sends e-mail) or you can call one of our Customer Service agents on 01372 732000.

You can also write to us or visit us in person at:

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council
Town Hall
The Parade
KT18 5BY

Complaints will be responded to within 15 working days from the date that you have received your acknowledgement of your complaint. This enables the Service Area to conduct a full investigation of the complaint, in order to provide a full response to you. When this is not possible, a timescale for a full response will be given.

Stage 2 (Escalation) 

If you feel the response to your complaint under stage one is unsatisfactory, the next stage is for the complaint to be escalated to the Head of the Department who will liaise with the Customer Services Management Team and/or the Monitoring Officer if a more in depth response is needed.

Complaints will be responded to within 15 working days. If an interim reply is needed, you will be given a timescale by which a full reply will be received.


Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman

If you are unhappy with the results of stage 2, you may take your complaint to the Local Government & Social Care Ombudsman (see contact details below). The Ombudsman is an independent person appointed by the Government to look at complaints. This is a free service.

In most cases, before they can investigate a complaint, we must have had a chance to answer it. If you have not complained to us, please do so before contacting the Ombudsman direct.

The Ombudsman will ask us what has been done so far to resolve the complaint. They may feel that every reasonable action has been taken or may decide to look into the matter further. When the Ombudsman investigates a complaint, Councillors and employees may be interviewed. A report is made to you and to us and where appropriate, action will be recommended, dependent on the Ombudsman's findings.

The quickest way to refer your complaint to the Ombudsman is to complete their online form as: www.lgo.org.uk/making-a-complaint

Alternatively you can also contact them on the following telephone number:

Tel: 0300 061 0614 or 0845 602 1983
Fax: 024 7682 0001
Text 'call back' to 0762 481 1595

Or you can write to them at the address below:

Local Government & Social Care  Ombudsman
PO Box 4771