Evidence base

Our Local Plan documents are underpinned by an extensive evidence base which is kept under review to ensure that it remains robust and up-to-date. The main evidence base is set out in these topics:


Economy and Employment



Sports Facilities and Playing Pitches



Open Space

Environment Character study

Green Infrastructure


Landscape character study

Green Belt




Strategic Housing and Land Availability Assessment 2009

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2008

Strategic Housing Market Assessment - update 2009

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2016

Strategic Housing Market Assessment - Annex

Strategic Housing Market Assessment 2019

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment –Methodology 2017

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment- Findings Report 2017

Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment - Maps of SHLAA Opportunity Sites by Ward

Traveller Accommodation Assessment 2017

Traveller Site Availability Assessment 2017

The Longmead and Nonsuch Industrial Estates Capacity Study 2018

Urban Housing Capacity Study 2018

Economy and Employment

Scoping Report on the Racecourse & Equestrian Sector in Epsom & Ewell Borough 2020

Spatial Economic Growth Strategy 2020

Spatial Economic Growth Strategy Addendum 2021

Employment Land Review 2006

East Street Offices Demand study 2013


Retail and Commercial Leisure Needs Assessment 2020

Retail Study Update 2015

Retail Study 2015 Plans and Appendices

Local Centres Study 2012


Infrastructure Delivery Plan October 2018

Sports Facilities and Playing Pitches

Playing Pitch Strategy 2021

Sports Facilities Assessment 2020


Biodiversity action plan

Biodiversity and planning in Epsom 2012


Parking Strategy 2012

Open space

Open space audit - sections 1-5

Open space audit - sections 6-9

Open space audit - sections 10-15

Open space audit appendices A-G

Open space audit appendices H-L

Open space audit appendices M-P

Environment character study 2008

Introduction and methodology

Character area summary sheets

Character area photographs


Overview map of the north of the borough

Overview map of the south of the borough

Green Infrastructure

Green Infrastructure study 2013


Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2018

Figure 101   Figure 102

Figure 103   Figure 104

Figure 105    Figure 106

Figure 107   Figure 108

Figure 109   Figure 110

Figure 111   Figure 112

Figure 113   Figure 114

Figure 115   Figure 116

Figure 117

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2007

Strategic Flood Risk Assessment 2008

Since our Strategic Flood Risk Assessment was published the Environment Agency has amended the flood zones for the borough. The most up to date flood zones can be viewed on the Environment Agency's website. These should be viewed in conjunction with the SFRA. We have produced revised maps to reflect this up to date advice.

Appendix A - updated 2010

Appendix B - updated 2010

Appendix C - updated 2010

Appendix D - updated 2010

Appendix E - updated 2010

Appendix F - updated 2010

Appendix G - updated 2010

Appendix H - updated 2010

Appendix I-J - updated 2010

Appendix K - updated 2010

Landscape character assessment (LCA)

LCA - main report

Figures 1 - 9

Figures 10 - 11

Figures 12

Appendix A

Green Belt

Epsom and Ewell Green Belt Study: Stage 1 2017

Epsom and Ewell Green Belt Study: Stage 2 2018

Epsom & Ewell Green Belt Study: Stage 2 addendum. 2019


Constraints Study 2017


SA Scoping Report

Sustainability Appraisal Report

Habitats Regulations Assessment: Initial Screening Report



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