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The Epsom Town Centre Masterplan is being drawn up to provide a vision for the Town Centre that will drive investment decisions to ensure that Epsom continues to thrive as a place to live, work and visit.

The masterplan will guide how the town centre can change over the next 15 to 20 years, to respond to the changes in how we live, socialise, shop, work and become more sustainable. 

Informed by robust evidence and wide community engagement, the masterplan will provide a long-term vision of what Epsom Town could look like by 2040 and beyond by working with residents and key stakeholders.

We are undertaking early engagement to inform the master plan for Epsom town centre.

Have your say here about how you feel about the town centre today and how you would like the town centre to change.

Get involved between 25 July to 31 August 2022 and have your say in shaping the town centre.

Respond by:

  1. Using our new dedicated digital consultation platform; or
  2. Collecting, completing and returning a printed questionnaire

To view the consultation material visit:

  1. The digital consultation platform.
  2. The consultation display in the Ashley Centre (opposite Costa Coffee) between 8 – 31 August 2022.

To speak to a member of the team:

  1. Meet us on 11 and 13 August 10am – 4pm in the Ashley Centre.
  2. Email
  3. Telephone 01372 732000

Need help to complete the online questionnaire?

We are on hand to provide support. Please come and see us in the Ashley Centre on the above dates and times.

We will also be providing some time slots in the Town Hall and Local Libraries where an officer will be on hand to assist. Please contact us by email or telephone to book a slot.

Cant access online?

You can use computers at the local libraries to use the online consultation tool. However, if you are unable to use the online tool, paper copies of the questionnaire can be printed on request if you visit the Town Hall or Epsom or Bourne Hall library.

If you cannot visit any of these places, please contact the team on the details above and we will work with you to arrange an alternative means of participating.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What is the Town Centre Masterplan?

The Council has committed to preparing a new Epsom Town Centre Masterplan to set out the vision for the Town Centre up to the year 2040, and to provide a framework to help guide development decisions within Epsom Town Centre. The Epsom Town Centre Masterplan will be a key piece of evidence to inform the Councils Local Plan (2022-2040) by identifying development options for specific Epsom town centre sites and identifying how the wider town centre could be improved through a focused approach to placemaking.

The role and nature of town centres has been changing significantly with the contraction in High Street retail and a growing demand for leisure and recreation; the accelerating pressures of climate change are forcing us to think again about our buildings, spaces and lifestyles; and the COVID pandemic has changed people’s working patterns as well as our homes and green spaces. 

The masterplan will establish an overarching vision for Epsom Town Centre that will enable sustainable development including new homes, a thriving retail and business environment, as well as strengthening Epsom’s cultural and recreational offer.

The masterplan will explore the key development opportunity areas to identify not only their future potential but to provide a clear framework and principles for development in the town centre, bringing uses and buildings together to create a unique sense of place and allowing future proposals to be assessed in a comprehensive manner to address the following:

  • The parameters for development of the key sites (Utilities, Ashley Centre, UCA) 
  • The facilities and infrastructure that would be needed to support the development of key sites (parking, servicing, retail, social, community, transport) 
  • Environmental and travel improvements to the town centre that could be facilitated through development proposals (through development itself, CIL and S106) 
  • Key principles for retention, enhancement, or development of those parts of the town centre that would not be subject to major development proposals

2. Will my feedback be confidential?
Your feedback will be anonymous, but all feedback will be made public.  We would like to know your contact details so we can feed back how the responses influenced the masterplan. However, it is not compulsory for you to tell us this.

3. Isn't this the same as the Local Plan?
No. The Local Plan is a borough-wide statutory document that once adopted will be what is used to assess and determine planning applications against. This Town Centre masterplan is being developed in parallel to inform the Local Plan in terms of the vision, objectives, and potential development within the Town Centre. The masterplan will be a key part of the evidence base supporting the new Local Plan. 

4. How will my feedback be taken into account?
We will analyse all results and make decisions based on technical evidence base and the feedback we receive to the consultation. Community engagement and consultation is one part of the evidence base informing the masterplan. We have to balance differing public views and technical evidence to make informed decisions.

5. Don’t you already have a plan for the Town Centre?
“Plan E” was designed to run until 2026. Whilst there are still 4 years to go, the new Local Plan will run until 2040 and will replace “Plan E”. 

6. How will you report on the findings?
With the final master plan, we will publish a section which explains how feedback from the community has been taken into account.

7. Will the Master Plan be a Statutory document?
The Epsom Town Centre Masterplan will be a key piece of evidence to inform the Council’s borough-wide Local Plan (2022-2040).

8. Will there be further opportunity to comment before plans are finalised?
This stage is early engagement to inform a draft Town Centre masterplan. The new Local Plan will provide further opportunity for you to have your say and see how the vision, objectives and key development opportunity sites have evolved. The new Local Plan consultation will run from November-December 2022. Further information can be found on the Council’s webpage.

9. What are the next steps?
The outline timetable is for a draft of the masterplan to inform the new Local Plan which will be considered by Licensing and Planning Policy Committee on 27th October 2022. A six-week public consultation will begin on the whole Local Plan following agreement by the committee.

The outcome of the consultation will inform a final version of the masterplan. It is anticipated that the masterplan will be completed in March 2023.

10. Who is the Project Team?

EEBC Epsom and Ewell Borough Council is the main service and delivery organisation for the Epsom Town Centre Masterplan. We will use data from this consultation to inform our strategy and proposals.

David Lock Associates (DLA) is a town planning and urban design practice appointed to prepare the town centre masterplan on behalf of the Borough Council. The practice will draw on their experience from other towns and cities across England to prepare a masterplan which is bold and ambitious about the future potential, whilst sensitive to the best that the town centre offers.

DLA will be supported by Latcham, who are experts in transport led urban design and urban movement.

The Future Fox (TFF) is a London-based GovTech / PropTech startup on a mission to accelerate the development of smart, sustainable, people-focused cities and places.