Support for residents

Surrey County Council Community Helpline: 0300 200 1008

To help direct residents who need support – if friends or family are unable to help – with such things as picking up shopping, prescription collections or having someone who can be a telephone friend, and to other services that can help. Read more information about the helpline. For additional information, please visit,

You can also find out what support you can get if you’re affected by coronavirus on the GOV UK website. Simply press the 'start now' button and answer a few questions to see what support is available to you. 

Domestic abuse advice

Energy bills

If you are unable to pay your energy bills or top up your meter due to self-isolation, we advise you contact your energy supplier. You can also contact the Citizens Advice Bureau.

Financial support

Mental health

Information and resources

Talking therapies

Local mental heath support

Specialist mental health services

Specialist services and advice for children


General advice

Do not visit your pharmacy if you or someone you live with has COVID-19 symptoms.

If possible, order your prescription at least seven days before you need it and only order as much medicine as you need. Stockpiling medicine can be dangerous and lead to shortages for other people.

If you cannot get to the pharmacy yourself, you are advised wherever possible to ask friends, family or neighbours to collect on your behalf. Advice on collecting a prescription for someone else

Find a pharmacy

Check whether your pharmacy offers a free prescription delivery service.

Patients will need to check with their pharmacy if this is a free service or not, and be prepared to pay a small fee for this service.

Organisations that can help

Young families

Additional help and support

Surrey Information Point

Surrey Information Point hosts a range of information on support and services available in your local community, to help you stay independent, safe and well. Whether you or someone you know is looking for equipment for your home, meal deliveries, local virtual groups to join to reduce loneliness, financial support, or help if you’re looking after someone – this information is all in one place.

Visit the website for more information.

Healthwatch Surrey

Healthwatch Surrey is an independent organisation which gives people in Surrey a strong voice to help improve, shape and get the best from local health and social care services.

For more information and advice, please visit their website.

Support for older residents

For our carers

For those who have lost a loved one:

Dementia support

For advice, guidance and support in relation to finance, housing and legal

For residents with learning difficulties and their carers

For a list of other support services and the opportunity to volunteer