Housing land supply

Four Year Housing Land Supply

The revised NPPF (20 December 2023) no longer requires Local planning authorities to identify annual five year housing land supply statement where they have an adopted Local Plan less than five years old. Instead, some local planning authorities are now required to update annually a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide a minimum of four years’ worth of housing against their housing requirements (The National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) paragraph 76, 77 and 226). 

The NPPF further requires an additional buffer of 20% where there has been significant under delivery of housing over the previous three years, to improve the prospect of achieving the planned supply.

The existing 5 Year Housing Land Supply sets out the housing supply position in Epsom and Ewell borough at the 1st April 2023.  This can be found in the AMR (Appendix A).

Housing Delivery Test Action Plan

The Housing Delivery Test (HDT) was introduced in 2018 alongside various measures by central government to increase housing delivery in the country through the Planning system. The HDT measures the previous three years housing delivery in an authority area against the authority’s housing requirement.

The latest results of the Housing Delivery Test are published here

Housing Delivery Action Plan

The Borough has failed to deliver 95% housing delivery for the previous three years against the housing requirement and has produced Housing Delivery Action Plans to identify the causes of under-delivery and actions to increase it in the future. An updated action plan will be published in due course

Housing Delivery Action Plan 2019

Housing Delivery Action Plan 2020

Housing Delivery Action Plan 2021

Gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople five year supply

Local planning authorities are required to identify and update annually, a supply of specific deliverable sites sufficient to provide 5 years worth of sites for traveller accommodation against locally set targets (planning policy for traveller sites, PPTS 2015, para.10).

The term ‘traveller’ accommodation for planning purposes, includes gypsy, traveller and travelling showpeople accommodation, as per the terminology used in PPTS.

It informs the council’s Authority Monitoring Report (AMR) and the determination of planning applications where supply for traveller pitches and/or plots is identified as an issue.