This page is used for communicating to council employees in cases of emergency

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In an emergency

Our priority is to ensure that our services to our residents are uninterrupted throughout the year. However, there may be times when severe weather or other matters affect how we do things. When deciding how to respond, the Council will be conscious of the health, safety and welfare of our staff.

In these circumstances...

    You should assume that the Council is operating normally, unless told otherwise
    You should attend work as normal if it is possible and safe to do so
    At work you may be asked to undertake a different role to your normal duties
    If you are unable to get to work, you must contact your line manager to confirm you cannot come to work
    You may be able to take unpaid leave, work from home or use annual leave to deal with your absence.

If we need to close any or all of our buildings or cease operating our services due to an emergency, you will be able to find out via our website and/or a dedicated staff information telephone service. In case of emergency (ICE) before you set off for work, you should check the website emergency pages ( and / or call the staff information line on 01372 732423 (732ICE on a phone keyboard - note these facilities only operate in an emergency).

You may also be contacted directly by your line manager.

To inform residents, closure details will be passed to appropriate media outlets by the Communications team. In addition, details of any changes to services will be posted to the Council’s website and Twitter / Facebook accounts.

If the situation continues for an extended period, we will implement our Business Continuity Plan. This will come into operation if conditions cause acute disruption to travel or result in a loss of essential services such as power, water and heating.

Working from home

Working from home is at the discretion of Heads of Service / line managers and is likely to be suitable only where appropriate work is available.

Ideally, you should have discussions with your managers in advance, to identify activities that could reasonably be carried out away from the workplace in the short-term.

As is Council standard policy, it is not considered appropriate to combine home based working, even in an emergency, with dependent care.

Care for dependants in an emergency

Employees with caring responsibilities for dependants who are affected by an emergency, for example school closures, will be able to take time off in line with the Council’s Emergency Dependant Leave Policy, that is paid time up to two days.