Spotlight on spend

We want you to know how we spend your money. We publish all our expenditure to suppliers in line with the Government's transparency agenda.

We will update this information as soon as possible after the end of each quarter.

Any payments in respect of taxes, pensions, benefits or refunds are excluded. We remove some personal details to protect the identify of individuals under the Data Protection Act.

Procurement card spend is included in Spotlight on Spend under RBS


File MAY 2024 CSV111.87 KB
PDF icon MAY 2024 PDF795.97 KB
File APRIL 2024 CSV104.23 KB
PDF icon APRIL 2024 PDF784.91 KB
PDF icon MARCH 2024 PDF1.11 MB
File MARCH 2024 CSV163.27 KB
PDF icon FEBRUARY 2024 PDF869.15 KB
File FEBRUARY 2024 CSV126.17 KB
PDF icon JANUARY 2024 PDF943.38 KB
File JANUARY 2024 CSV133.62 KB
File DECEMBER 2023 CSV118.17 KB
PDF icon DECEMBER 2023 PDF1.01 MB
File NOVEMBER 2023 CSV167.8 KB
PDF icon NOVEMBER 2023 PDF1.27 MB
PDF icon OCTOBER 2023 PDF1.07 MB
File OCTOBER 2023 CSV133.75 KB
PDF icon SEPT 2023 PDF721.46 KB
File SEPT 2023 CSV103.7 KB
PDF icon AUGUST 2023 PDF736.22 KB
File AUGUST 2023 CSV104.9 KB
PDF icon JULY 2023 PDF728.55 KB
File JULY 2023 CSV103.79 KB
File JUNE 2023 CSV120.55 KB
PDF icon JUNE 2023 PDF853.05 KB
File May 2023 CSV.csv92.31 KB
PDF icon May 2023 PDF.pdf659.75 KB
PDF icon April 2023 PDF.pdf689.15 KB
File April 2023 CSV.csv98.26 KB
PDF icon March 23 PDF.pdf881.89 KB
File March 2023 CSV.csv129.83 KB
PDF icon Feb 2023 PDF.pdf797.69 KB
File Feb 2023 CSV.csv115.65 KB
File Jan 23 CSV.csv109.39 KB
PDF icon Jan 23 PDF.pdf751.02 KB
File Dec 22 CSV.csv102.6 KB
PDF icon Dec 22 PDF.pdf722.24 KB
File Nov 22 CSV.csv101.47 KB
PDF icon Nov 22 PDF.pdf714.9 KB
File Oct 22 csv.csv127.19 KB
PDF icon Oct 22 PDF.pdf865.28 KB
PDF icon Sept 2022 PDF.pdf873.87 KB
File Sept 2022 CSV.csv124.57 KB
File August 22 CSV.csv76.67 KB
PDF icon August 22 PDF.pdf521.01 KB
File July 2022 CSV.csv91.83 KB
PDF icon July 2022 PDF.pdf645.12 KB
File June 2022 CSV.csv105.27 KB
PDF icon June 2022 PDF.pdf734.25 KB
File May 2022 CSV.csv87.13 KB
PDF icon May 2022 PDF.pdf612.79 KB
File April 22 CSV.csv93.85 KB
PDF icon April 22 PDF.pdf342.68 KB
File March 2022 CSV.csv127.55 KB
PDF icon March 2022 PDF.pdf881.45 KB
File FEBRUARY 2022 CSV .csv104.84 KB
PDF icon FEBRUARY 2022 PDF.pdf727.62 KB
File JANUARY 2022 CSV.csv109.39 KB
PDF icon JANUARY 2022 PDF.pdf764.24 KB
File Dec 21 CSV.csv85.39 KB
PDF icon Dec 21 PDF.pdf599.41 KB
File NOVEMBER 2021 CSV.csv118.48 KB
PDF icon NOVEMBER 21 PDF.pdf866.7 KB
File OCTOBER 21 CSV.csv110.86 KB
PDF icon OCTOBER 21 PDF.pdf814.84 KB
File September 2021 CSV.csv93.97 KB
PDF icon September 2021 PDF.pdf650.47 KB
File August 21 CSV.csv101.19 KB
PDF icon August 21.pdf711.6 KB
File July 2021 CSV.csv95.28 KB
PDF icon July 2021 PDF.pdf662.88 KB
File June 2021 CSV.csv102.29 KB
PDF icon June 2021 PDF.pdf716.15 KB
File May 2021 CSV.csv84.27 KB
PDF icon May 2021 PDF.pdf587.6 KB
PDF icon April 2021 PDF.pdf531.17 KB
File April 2021 CSV.csv72.29 KB
PDF icon March 2021 PDF.pdf745.78 KB
File March 2021 CSV.csv107.54 KB
File February 2021 CSV.csv88.77 KB
PDF icon February 2021 PDF.pdf617.79 KB
File January 2021 CSV.csv89.68 KB
PDF icon January 2021 PDF.pdf634.82 KB
File December 2020 csv.csv93.55 KB
PDF icon December 2020 PDF.pdf631.96 KB
File November 2020 csv.csv89.23 KB
PDF icon November 2020 PDF.pdf617.84 KB
File October 2020 CSV.csv82.88 KB
PDF icon October 2020 PDF.pdf600.98 KB
File September 2020 CSV.csv109.27 KB
PDF icon September 2020 PDF.pdf806.8 KB
File August 2020 CSV.csv78.87 KB
PDF icon August 2020 PDF.pdf553.06 KB
File July 2020 CSV.csv97.39 KB
PDF icon July 2020 PDF.pdf694.84 KB
PDF icon June 2020.pdf665.28 KB
File June 2020.csv94.02 KB
PDF icon May 2020.pdf563.5 KB
File May 2020.csv78.04 KB
File April 2020.csv96.31 KB
PDF icon April 2020.pdf687.14 KB
PDF icon March 2020 PDF.pdf824.57 KB
File March 2020 CSV.csv115.92 KB
PDF icon February 2020 PDF.pdf767.28 KB
File February 2020 CSV.csv108.54 KB
PDF icon January 2020 PDF.pdf919.89 KB
File January 2020 CSV.csv127.33 KB
PDF icon December 2019 PDF.pdf533.58 KB
File December 2019 CSV.csv76.09 KB
File November 2019.csv140.45 KB
PDF icon November 2019.pdf1.07 MB
PDF icon October 2019.pdf982.37 KB
File October 2019.csv150.56 KB
PDF icon September 2019 PDF.pdf901.95 KB
File September 2019 CSV.csv121.69 KB
File August 19.csv65.61 KB
PDF icon August 19.pdf480.39 KB
File July 2019.csv27.78 KB
PDF icon July 2019.pdf237.61 KB
File June 2019.csv81.47 KB
PDF icon June 2019.pdf596.9 KB
File May 2019 CSV.csv64.58 KB
PDF icon May 2019 PDF.pdf518.32 KB
File April 19 CSV.csv63.8 KB
File March 2019 CSV.csv161.29 KB
PDF icon March 2019 PDF.pdf1.14 MB
File February 2019 CSV.csv123.35 KB
PDF icon February 2019 PDF.pdf987.27 KB
PDF icon January 2019 PDF.pdf734.72 KB
File JANUARY 2019 CSV.csv102.21 KB
File December 2018 CSV.csv75.03 KB
PDF icon December 2018 PDF.pdf569.67 KB
File November 2018 CSV.csv97.92 KB
PDF icon November 2018 PDF.pdf688.73 KB
File October 2018 CSV.csv100.21 KB
PDF icon October 2018 PDF.pdf706.76 KB
PDF icon September 2018 PDF.pdf856.01 KB
File September 2018 CSV.csv122.94 KB
File August 2018 CSV.csv94.67 KB
PDF icon August 2018 PDF.pdf693.04 KB
PDF icon June 2018 PDF.pdf794.23 KB
File June 2018 CSV.csv110.81 KB
PDF icon July 2018.pdf807.5 KB
File July 2018.csv106.47 KB
PDF icon May 2018 PDF.pdf625.98 KB
File May 2018 CSV.csv88.74 KB
PDF icon April 2018 PDF.pdf705.84 KB
File April 2018 CSV.csv98.47 KB
PDF icon March 2018 PDF.pdf911.57 KB
File March 2018 CSV.csv127.68 KB
PDF icon February 2018 PDF.pdf769.89 KB
File February 2018 CSV.csv105.48 KB
PDF icon January 2018 PDF.pdf873.01 KB
File January 2018 CSV.csv124.47 KB
PDF icon December 2017 PDF.pdf650.27 KB
File December 2017 CSV.csv90.91 KB
PDF icon November 2017 PDF.pdf716.39 KB
File November 2017 CSV.csv98.67 KB
PDF icon October 2017 PDF.pdf908.15 KB
File October 2017 CSV.csv125.92 KB
PDF icon September 2017 PDF.pdf798.13 KB
File September 2017 CSV.csv111.07 KB
PDF icon August 2017 PDF.pdf650.13 KB
File August 2017 CSV.csv85.99 KB
PDF icon July 2017 PDF.pdf742.52 KB
File June 2017 CSV.csv119.5 KB
PDF icon June 2017 PDF.pdf853.48 KB
PDF icon May 2017 PDF.pdf684.1 KB
File May 2017.xlsx194.02 KB
PDF icon April 2017 PDF.pdf553.16 KB
File April 2017 CSV.csv74.68 KB
PDF icon March 2017 PDF.pdf997.78 KB
File March 2017 CSV.csv140.24 KB
PDF icon February 2017 PDF.pdf682.91 KB
File February 2017 CSV.csv97.35 KB
PDF icon January 2017 .pdf780 KB
File January 2017 CSV.csv109.02 KB
PDF icon December 2016 PDF.pdf657.89 KB
File December 2016 CSV.csv91.8 KB
PDF icon November 2016 PDF.pdf757.71 KB
File November 2016 CSV.csv104.71 KB
PDF icon October 16 cards.pdf80.64 KB
File October 2016 CSV.csv94.12 KB
PDF icon September 2016.pdf753.76 KB
File September 16 cards.csv12.66 KB
PDF icon August 2016.pdf671.41 KB
File August 2016 CSV.csv92.65 KB
PDF icon July 2016 pdf.pdf856.76 KB
File July 2016 CSV.csv120.4 KB
PDF icon June 2016 PDF.pdf615.44 KB
File June 2016 csv.csv89.34 KB
PDF icon May 2016.pdf729.9 KB
File May 2016 csv.csv99.77 KB
PDF icon April 2016.pdf104.73 KB
File April 2016 csv.csv100.37 KB
PDF icon Quarter12016amalgamated.pdf2.71 MB
File Q2 2016 CSV.csv483.57 KB
PDF icon Q22016Amalgamated.pdf2.26 MB
File Q3 CSV.csv335.72 KB
PDF icon Q32016Amalgamated.pdf2.3 MB
File Q4 CSV Amalgamated.csv337.83 KB
PDF icon Q42016Amalgamated.pdf2.3 MB
File Q4 combined.csv417.63 KB
PDF icon April 19 PDF.pdf280.03 KB