Borough Investment Fund

*The Borough Investment Fund scheme is currently under review and we are no longer accepting new applications.  Pending applications have been put on hold until the review has been completed.

About the grant scheme

The Epsom and Ewell Borough Investment Fund (BIF) offers grants to owners and occupiers of commercial buildings within the borough to improve and enhance their shop fronts.

The scheme aims to encourage the creation of attractive frontages, to enhance the character of the region, which could have significant economic benefits. High quality, well maintained frontages are more inviting for local residents and visitors, contribute towards a stronger sense of identity and enhance commercial values.

Who can apply

  • Freeholder owners
  • Leaseholder tenants (as long as the terms of their current lease arrangement on the property are appropriate, there is a minimum of three years left on the lease term and they have owner’s consent.)

Key information to include with your application

  • Written consent from your landlord (if applicable)
  • Three quotes for each element of your application
  • A mock-up of the proposed works
  • Confirmation that you have checked with planning regarding whether your project requires planning or advertising consent
  • Any other relevant supporting documents

Key points to remember

  • We will carry out Business Rates and Licensing checks as part of your application
  • Your application may be delayed without the key information above
  • Applications are for one-off grants only
  • The grant cannot cover the cost of any professional fees
  • All applications are assessed on an individual basis, so the percentage award will vary

The scheme will prioritise small and independent businesses, with preference being given to those businesses with less than five locations in the UK.

Please note that the grants are discretionary and subject to the availability of funds.

The Council reserve the right to amend or withdraw the scheme at any time. There is no automatic entitlement to a grant.  Each application will be considered on its own merits and in accordance with this guidance.  The scheme will not support works that have already been undertaken or any works which are started prior to a formal offer of grant funding having been made.