Changes to evening parking

In April 2024 the evening tariffs in Epsom & Ewell car parks changed to more closely align them with the standard day time tariffs.

The standard hourly tariffs continue to apply into the evening up to a maximum tariff of £10 in Epsom or £5 in Ewell. 

To avoid any confusion this £10 tariff in Epsom is the maximum fee that would be due and would only be charged to reflect parking in the Ashley Centre for over 5 hours, in the Town Hall or Hope Lodge for over 3 hours or in Depot Road, Upper High Street or Hook Road overnight.

If you are parking for up to an hour or two you will be required to only pay the hourly tariff for this length of stay, not the maximum charge! 

If you are coming in to watch a show or a film then most likely the ‘Up to 3 hour’ fee would apply which remains £3.50 in Depot Road/Upper High Street or Hook Road Car Parks or £5 in the Ashley Centre.  If staying longer, e.g. also having a meal then the ‘Up to 5 hour’ tariff, ( £4.50 in Depot Road/Upper High Street or £5 in Hook Road) will apply. 

Please do be aware that Hook Road Car Park is closed and locked at 11pm Monday to Friday, 8pm on a Saturday and all day on Sundays and Bank Holidays. 

In Ewell the standard hourly tariffs remain available in the evening up to a maximum value of £5 for those wishing to park in the car park all evening or overnight. The exception to this is Bourne Hall Car Park where visitors can continue to park for £1 for the evening after 6:30pm.

Following feedback from users of the Ashley Centre Car Park on the recent changes to the parking charges. Epsom & Ewell Borough Council are pleased to announce that you can now park in the Ashley Centre car park for up to 5 hours in the evening for £5. This is a reduction from the £7 fee previously charged and will support the evening economy in the town including the Epsom Playhouse.