Frequently asked questions

Current situation

What is the alert level in Epsom and Ewell and what am I allowed to do?

The three-tier alert level system was replaced by new national restrictions on Thursday 5 November. The rules are in place until Wednesday 2 December, after which, Epsom and Ewell will enter Tier 2 Local Alert Level, including the rest of Surrey. We strongly advice that you use the government’s postcode checker to find out the alert level in your local area at any time. You can find all the information about what you can and cannot do on the Government website at

Why are there different figures in the media about COVID rates in Epsom and Ewell?

Every action we take is based on a full understanding of how the coronavirus is behaving in the borough.

We work closely with Public Heath colleagues at Surrey County Council. They use a wide range of data sources to publish a regular coronavirus bulletin on their website. This bulletin informs the decisions we make to save lives and reduce the harm caused by the coronavirus in our borough.

The media may publish different data relating to the number of cases in the borough.  We are aware of these, but continue to use the local official data.  This allows us to make consistent decisions about the actions which affect our residents and businesses.

The official local statistics are available on the Coronavirus figures and statistics page of Surrey County Council’s website.

Can I visit friends and family who live in Epsom and Ewell?

The rules on what you can and cannot do depend on the current restrictions in place. For full guidance on visiting friends and family (as well as those who live in areas with a different tier level to you), please visit the GOV UK website.

Can I order food from my local takeaway or eat out in a restaurant?

The rules and guidance on eating out in restaurants, pubs, bars (and use of takeaway services) varies. The government have also produced guidance for those who work in these industries.

For update to date guidance on what you can and cannot do, please use the government’s postcode checker.

Is there guidance available in other languages?

Public Health England have produced a number of information posters which you can download, available in multiple languages. 


My NHS App is showing different information to my friends who live in the same borough?

Regardless of the NHS App level, the most accurate way to check the restrictions in your area is through the GOV UK Postcode Checker.

Why hasn’t my app updated to reflect new guidance?

The majority of Apple and Android users have their apps set to ‘automatic updates’ so their NHS COVID-19 App will automatically update to reflect this change.

However, for the small number of users that do not have updates automated they will need to go to their settings, as they would for other apps, to manually update the App. Detailed instructions are available in this FAQ document from the NHS.

Symptoms and testing

What are the symptoms and when should I get a test?

The NHS has an up to date list of coronavirus symptoms and you can check to see if you or your child has coronavirus symptoms online.

If you have symptoms, get a test as soon as possible. You need to get the test done in the first 8 days of having symptoms. You must stay at home until you get the result.

Get a free NHS test to check if you have coronavirus

Council services

Are waste collection services running as normal?

For full updates on waste and recycling, please check this page on our website.

Is the local Community Recycling Centre (Epsom Tip) running as normal?

For full updates about Epsom Community Recycling Centre (the tip on Longmead Road) please visit this page on Surrey County Council’s website.

Can you help me with my shopping and collecting my prescription?

The council offers a range of support services. To enquire about our Meals at Home and shopping service, please use this online form.

For prescriptions, we advise that you first check whether your local pharmacy offers a free prescription delivery service.

In emergency circumstances where a friends of family member cannot deliver food or prescriptions to you, please contact the Surrey Community Helpline on 0300 2001 008 or complete the help request form on the Surrey County Council website.

Council tax

Are you offering support if I cannot pay my Council Tax due to COVID-19?

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council is not deferring payment of Council Tax. Depending on the circumstances of the individual we are providing the following advice.

Anyone who is experiencing financial hardship during this period and is uncertain if they can pay their council tax is being advised to email

You can explain their circumstances so the Council can make decisions about council tax payments on an individual basis. For more information, please read our page on help with your Council Tax.

I always visit the Town Hall to pay my Council Tax, what can I do now?

We have a variety of ways to pay your Council Tax.


My business has closed due to COVID-19 and I cannot afford to pay my business rates?

If you are experiencing financial difficulties and are unable to afford your business rates, you should contact us immediately on our email address

How much grant am I going to get, when will I receive payment and how are you going to tell me as my business is closed?

For discounts and relief, please visit this page on our website. For information on Business Grants 2020-21 please click here.

Can I report a business that is not following the guidelines?

If you feel strongly about the way a business or retailer is operating, you can report this to us via our online contact form. This will be passed onto the relevant teams at the council and if required, the team will investigate.

Our teams are checking in on local businesses and retailers that are dealing with the public on a regular basis and advising them about the latest guidelines in order to operate safely and take enforcement action only if necessary.


I want to help in my community, who can I contact?

Volunteering in the borough is being co-ordinated by Central Surrey Voluntary Action (CSVA) and information can be found on their website or by ringing 01372 722911.

Anything else

    Which local authority do I come under?

    To check which local authority your address comes under, please visit the GOV UK website to see where you pay your council tax. You can also use the ‘Where I Live’ function on the homepage of our website and select ‘My Maps’ for more information.

    How can I renew my parking permit?

    Please use our online service whilst the Town Hall is closed.