How we've helped local businesses

This page features case studies from local businesses who have received financial support during the coronavirus pandemic. Epsom & Ewell Borough Council has supported hundreds of local businesses. Hear about their shared experiences and how extra funding has helped them pull through.

Cai & Kyn - Local creative agency

Tell us a bit about your businesses and why you chose Epsom and Ewell? 

I’ve been running a design and publishing business with my brother since 2007. Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to work with some big names such as Kodak, M&S and London & Partners. We moved our studio from Vauxhall to Epsom in 2016 to be closer to home... and our families.  

Soon after, we quickly discovered the borough’s vibrant arts, culture and creative scene. It’s what inspired us to launch a local a magazine. Unfortunately, we had to stop working on Once Upon a Town (or ‘OUT’ as sometimes we call it) last September due to the pandemic. Our design agency work dried up meaning it was impossible to continue the magazine. 

What grant did you apply for? 

Determined not to give up on our success, I contacted Epsom & Ewell Borough Council to see if we were eligible for a grant. I was directed to a page on the website that contained a lot of useful information.  

I applied for the Additional Restrictions Grant. The form asked for some basic information and recent company financials, plus the opportunity to explain the impact of COVID-19 on the business and why we believed we should qualify for support.  It took about 2 hours to complete but was well worth it, and after hitting the submit button, I was chuffed to see the grant money in our account 3 weeks later.  

What are your plans for 2021? 

The financial support came at just the right time and means we can start working on the next issue. We will be printing humbling and honest stories from other local folk whose lives and businesses have been affected by COVID-19.  

Getting the magazine up and running is a great feeling and hopefully this will be followed by lots of new and exciting design projects. Thank you!