Simply Weekly Recycling - coming in spring 2017


The Big Switch is coming

You’ll soon see the Big Switch to our new recycling service, called Simply Weekly Recycling. 

It’ll be simpler, with more room to recycle. And everything will be collected weekly (except garden waste, which will remain a fortnightly service). 

What is the Big Switch?

Simply Weekly Recycling means you'll need a bigger bin for recycling but you won't need so much space for refuse. So we'll switch your green and black bins when the new collections start.

Your weekly collections from spring 2017

With Simply Weekly Recycling your collections will look like this.

  • Weekly: paper, card, cartons, cans and plastics all together in your large, green wheelie bin (textiles in a separate bag by your bin)
  • Weekly: glass bottles and jars ONLY in your recycling box. We need to keep the glass separate so that smashed glass doesn't hurt the value of your other recycling
  • Weekly: food waste in your green caddy
  • Weekly: refuse in your black bin.

Please note garden waste and leaves will continue to be collected fortnightly, by subscription, as now.

When will it happen?

For houses, we'll make the Big Switch in two phases:

  • Phase One in mid-May for the west of the Borough (households that have a red-tabbed '25/28' collections calendar)
  • Phase Two in mid-June for the east of the Borough (households that have a blue-tabbed '26/27' collections calendar)

Not sure which collections calendar you have?

How will I know it's happening?

Watch out for stickers on your bins telling you we're making the Big Switch. There will be more information about this in the spring edition of Borough Insight (out in March 2017) and on this page closer to the time. 

What if I live in a flat?

We'll launch Simply Weekly Recycling to houses first, and then we'll launch it to flats. 

So, from July onwards we'll start to convert flats individually to Simply Weekly Recycling. Watch out for leaflets in your post box and new labels on your communal bins.

Learn more

There will be lots of information about the Big Switch in our spring edition of Borough Insight, published in March.

And we'll be running another series of roadshows around the Borough in March and April. They'll show you exactly how the Big Switch will take place. We'd love to see you there:

28 February to 3 March Bourne Hall, Ewell Village
11 March Herald of Spring, Bourne Hall
13 to 16 March Sainsbury's, Kiln Lane, Epsom
28 to 30 March Ebbisham Centre, Derby Square, Epsom
4 to 6 April Epsom Market Square, HIgh Street, Epsom


Environment Committee report October 2015 (item 15) - proposal for Simply Weekly Recycling.