Simply Weekly Recycling - coming in spring 2017


The Big Switch is coming to you

From May we'll start to roll out the Big Switch to our new collections service, called Simply Weekly Recycling.  You'll need a bigger bin for recycling but you won't need so much space for refuse. So we'll switch your green and black bins when the new collections start:

With Simply Weekly Recycling your weekly collections will look like this:

Mixed recycling      Glass only         Food           Refuse

Garden waste and leaves will continue to be collected fortnightly, by subscription, as now.

How will I know that it's happening for me?

Watch out for the labels on your bins so you'll know when the Big Switch is happening for you. There are two simple steps:

  1. Week 1: We'll empty your refuse bin as normal. But we'll put it back with a sticker on the lid. The sticker will show you that the next week we need you to put both your black and green bins out for the Big Switch. Please put your recycling box and food bin out as normal too.


  1. Week 2 - Big Switch week! Put your black bin, green bin and recycling box out even if they're empty, because we'll be re-labelling them for the Big Switch. Put your food bin out for collection as normal:


  • Your green bin will have a sticker saying 'This is now your recycling bin'
  • Your recycling box will have a cover on it saying that it is now just for 'Glass recycling ONLY'
  • Your black bin will have a sticker on it saying 'This is now your refuse bin'

The Big Switch has now happened! Just follow the labels straight away and you're already using Simply Weekly recycling. And remember, collections will be weekly from now on (except garden waste and leaves).

You'll also get a handy guide to remind you of the changes.

When will I get the Big Switch?

For houses, we're making the Big Switch in two phases:

  • Phase 1: if you have a red-tabbed '25/28' collection calendar, you'll see the Big Switch stickers in mid-May
  • Phase 2: if you have a blue tabbed '26'27' collection calendar, you'll see the Big Switch stickers in mid-June

Check your collection calendar.

We'll start converting flats to Simply Weekly Recycling from July onwards.  You'll receive a full service leaflet advising you of the change, and your bins will be adjusted accordingly.

Keeping you informed

We'll be running more roadshows into April to show you how it works. 

Do drop by and see us at:

28 February - 2 March Bourne Hall, Ewell Village
11 March Herald of Spring, Bourne Hall, Ewell Village
14 - 17 March Sainsbury's, Kiln Lane, Epsom
28 - 30 March Ebbisham Centre, Derby Square, Epsom
4 - 6 April Epsom Market Square

 A handy reminder of this information is in your spring edition of Borough Insight. Read an interactive version.