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Please remember that you must put your bin out in a clearly visible place at the edge of your property by 6:30am on your collection day.

We cannot guarantee that our vehicles will always arrive at the same time. By following this advice your bins should be emptied on your collection day by 4pm.

What if my bin has been missed?

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Bins may be missed for a variety of reasons. 

If a bin is overfilled, or filled with very heavy waste, we will not be able to empty it.  A heavy bin risks falling from the vehicle's bin-lift.  A bin whose lid cannot be closed due to an excess of waste presents a risk of injury from falling materials.

We cannot empty your bin if it contains the wrong materials.  If this is the case, a tag will be placed on your bin to advise you and remind you of what to put in each container.  Detailed lists can also be found on the pages below:

Image of plastic bottles       Image of cans       Image of paper

If you find that your bin has not been collected by 4pm and you do not know why, please contact us or fill in one of the online forms below:

My recycling has been missed
My garden waste has been missed
My green wheelie bin or nappy bin has been missed
We will investigate the cause of the missed bin and advise you of what will happen next.
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