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Changes to some recycling centres around the Borough

Recycling bins in the Town Hall car park, Epsom, have recently been removed due to forthcoming changes to how that car park operates.  The nearest recycling centre is situated in Depot Road car park, Epsom.

Further, the recycling bins at the corner of Cunliffe Road and Vale Road have been removed due to persistent problems with littering and contamination of bins with non-recyclable materials.

The former recycling centre at Sainsbury's, Kiln Lane, Epsom is now run directly by Sainsbury's.

Where are the Borough's Recycling Centres and what can be recycled?

Details of the Council's recycling centres around the Borough, at which you can recycle a variety of materials.

Use My Epsom & Ewell to find your nearest Recycling Centre and check your kerbside recycling collection day.

In addition, the Civic Amenity Site at Blenheim Road (the "Tip") offers a wide range of material recycling opportunities.

A range of materials is recyclable, but space restrictions mean that it is not possible to recycle all materials at all sites. The table below tells you what can be recycled at which site, with more detailed information below.


Glass bottles
and jars




Clothing and shoes 

Stoneleigh Broadway



Ruxley Lane shops 



Dorset House car park,
Ewell Village




Christ Church car park 



Depot Road car park,



Station Approach,


Corner of Stoneleigh Park Road
and Kingston Road

What can be recycled in each recycling bin?

Glass bottles and jars:
  • Yes please: all colours of glass bottles and jars (please rinse before recycling and discard corks, caps and lids)
  • No thank you: milk bottles, drinking glasses, window glass, Pyrex, light bulbs or ceramics.
  • Yes please: all food and drinks tins and cans, both steel and aluminium (please rinse before recycling but you don't need to remove labels). You can also recycle metal biscuit and chocolate tins
  • No thank you: tin foil, paint cans or miscellaneous metal items such as pans or cutlery.
  • Yes please: all white newspapers, all magazines (even glossies), brochures, catalogues, letters, junk mail, shredded white paper, white envelopes (including windows) and telephone directories including Yellow Pages
  • Shredded paper is ideal for recycling but please ensure that extra care is taken when tipping into recycling banks. Shredded paper can create a litter nuisance if scattered by the wind
  • No thank you: because our paper goes to make new, white newspaper, we ask you not to recycle non-white newspapers, non-white telephone directories, cardboard, greetings cards or non-white envelopes in the paper bins. But you can recycle all of these items in the cardboard banks (see below).
Clothing and shoes:
  • Yes please: clean clothing, shoes tied in pairs, belts, handbags, ties and other accessories
  • No thank you: wet, heavily soiled or oily clothes, single shoes.
  • Yes please: cardboard boxes, cardboard packaging, cereal boxes, greetings cards, non-white envelopes, coloured paper, coloured newspapers (such as the Financial Times), wallpaper as long as it is not plastic coated, books which would be unsuitable for the book bank (see above)
  • No thank you: anything that could go in to the Newspapers and Magazines collection (see above). 

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