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Kerbside box and bag

This is a weekly service.  Check your collection day.

Image of kerbside recycling boxImage of blue bag for paper recycling     Your green kerbside box takes paper, glass, cans and household batteries. You can also recycle clothing and textiles: please leave these in a sealed, labelled bag beside your kerbside box.

If you need extra space you can use the blue bag for paper only.

Leave your recycling out for collection in a clearly visible place at the edge of your property by 6:30am on your normal collection day.

What can I recycle?

Image of paper
Yes please:

• Newspapers printed on white paper
• Magazines (including glossies)
• Catalogues
• White paper (including printed) 
• Junk mail
• White envelopes (even with plastic windows)
• Telephone directories (including Yellow Pages)
• Shredded white paper*
*Leave shredded paper in a sealed, clearly labelled bag to prevent it from scattering.

No thank you:

• Newspapers printed on coloured paper (eg pink)**
• Coloured paper**
• Brown envelopes**
• Wallpaper
• Card or cardboard, including greetings cards such as Christmas and birthday cards**

** Please put these items in your cardboard and plastic bottle bin/sack instead.

Image of glass bottles and jars
Yes please:

• Glass bottles and jars of any colour.

Please wash before recycling and remove corks, caps and lids.

No thank you:

• Milk bottles
• Window or mirror glass
• Drinking glasses
• Light bulbs
• Ceramics.

Tins and cans
Image of cans
Yes please:

• Food and drink cans
• Biscuit or chocolate tins
• Fully discharged aerosol cans (remove as many plastic pieces as possible).

Clean before recycling. You do not need to remove labels.

No thank you:

• Foil
• Paint cans
• Other metal objects such as cutlery or pans.

Household batteries
Image of household batteries
Yes please:

• All household batteries including spent rechargeable batteries
• Batteries from mobile phones, laptops, household appliances or tools
• Square and button batteries.

Leave household batteries in a sealed, clearly labelled bag.

No thank you:

• Car batteries.

Clothing, shoes and textiles
Image of clothing and shoes
Yes please:

• Clothing
• Shoes tied in pairs
• Hats, belts, bags, ties and accessories
• Textiles, rags, bed linen.

Leave clothing and textiles in a sealed, clearly labelled bag in or beside your kerbside box.

No thank you:

• Wet or heavily soiled items
• Single shoes
• Duvets, pillows or cushions.

When do kerbside recycling collections happen?

We collect every week, on your normal collection day.

Great news - bank holiday collections just got easier!

To make your recycling and waste services more convenient, from now on we will make our normal Monday – Friday collections during bank holiday weeks. So you will no longer have to remember to put your bins out one day late. Just put them out on your normal collection day, even if that is a bank holiday Monday.

We will continue, as always, to work normally on Good Friday.

Christmas and New Year weeks will continue to be advised separately, to take account of the changing holiday dates each year.

Kerbside recycling for flats

Using recycling boxes may be inconvenient for residents living in flats. As an alternative we can offer a "mini recycling centre". Many residents living in flats already benefit from this kind of recycling.

Call us on 01372 732000 or email us if you think that you would like to discuss recycling at flats.

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