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Previously, we were required to prepare and publish a Local Development Scheme which set out how and when the various component documents of our Local Development Framework would be produced.  The Scheme included a timetable detailing the processes involved in document preparation, production and consultation.  The timetable identified key milestones during document production and we used these milestones to monitor the progress of the local development documents.

The last Local Development Scheme (in its previous incarnation) was approved by Committee Members in May 2012.  It is available to view below 

Local Development Scheme 2010 (pdf - 176kb)
Local Development Scheme Timetable 2010 (pdf - 17kb)

Following the publication of the National Planning Policy Framework and the introduction of the Town & Country Planning (Local Planning) Regulations 2012, the requirements for preparing Local Development Schemes have changed significantly.  Whereas the previous Regulations (2004) and policy guidance (PPS12) clearly set out the scope and content of the Scheme, the new Regulations only make vague reference to Local Development Schemes in relation to the preparation of Annual Monitoring Reports.  The National Planning Policy Framework is silent on the matter.  In the absence of detailed legislation and guidance, it is left to local planning authorities to decide on the scale and scope of their Scheme, which meets their local needs.

During September 2012, our Planning Policy Sub Committee agreed a new Local Plan Programme that replaces the Local Development Scheme above.  The new Programme follows a similar format to the previous Scheme but now uses simplified nomenclature, now making reference to the local plan rather than using complex terminology such as local development framework, local development documents and development plan documents.  It is hoped that this will make it easier to understand.

The Programme sets out how the Local Plan’s key documents will be produced. It includes a timetable outlining the processes involved in their preparation, production and consultation. The timetable identifies key milestones during document production. We will use these milestones to monitor the progress of the Programme.

The Programme focuses upon the key documents, which along with the Core Strategy and Plan E will form the Local Plan for the Borough. The Programme sets out how the production of these documents will be managed, providing an overview of their projected timetables, resource implications and potential risks. Care has been taken to ensure that the timetable for the production of these documents is realistic and achievable.

Just like the last version of our Local Development Scheme, the Programme only provides a brief overview of the Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) that we intend to produce. This reflects the new regulations and helps keep the document concise and readable; making the Programme accessible to a wider audience.

In order to reflect the changes in legislation and national planning policy, the Programme now considers the possible opportunities for implementing the Duty to Co-operate, with neighbouring planning authorities and other key stakeholders. It is anticipated that this part of the document will become more detailed over time, as good practice and relationships (between neighbouring local planning authorities - particularly the London boroughs) develop.

The new Local Plan Programme is available to view below:

Local Plan Programme September 2012

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