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Epsom & Ewell has an important legacy of historic buildings and structures. Over 400 of these are listed by English Heritage. You can find out which buildings are listed by viewing our online mapping service.

We also have a list of buildings that are Locally Listed. These are buildings which are of local architectural or historic interest. There are about 100 of these in the Borough.

The adopted Local Plan for the Borough (May 2000) contains Policy BE15 which describes what should be done in relation to proposed changes to buildings on the Local List.

Listed Building Consent

The Planning (Listed Buildings & Conservation Areas) Act 1990 requires that such consent is needed for the demolition of a Listed Building, or the alteration or extension of a Listed Building in any manner that would affect its character. It is a criminal offence to execute either of the works described above without permission.

The maximum penalties currently are, on summary conviction, a prison sentence of 6 months, or a fine of £20,000 or both; on conviction on indictment in the Crown court, a prison sentence of 2 years, or a fine without limit, or both.

Where urgent works are required to a Listed Building, there may not be time to apply for Listed Building Consent. If repairs are carried out in such a case, Listed Building Consent must be obtained retrospectively in order to retain such works as have been done. In order to avoid any possibility of criminal prosecution, a written notice must be given to the Council as soon as is reasonably practicable stating in detail:

  • why the works were urgently necessary in the interests of safety or health, or for the preservation of the building
  • why the same results could not have been achieved by temporary support, or shelter
  • confirming how the works were limited to the minimum measures immediately necessary.
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