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Article 4 Directions have been in place since 1999 in the following Conservation Areas (CAs):
Ewell Village (prior to the 2009 extension)
Stamford Green
Ewell Downs Road & The Green
Higher Green & Longdown Lane North

These Directions mean that certain “Permitted Development (PD) Rights” normally enjoyed by residents have been removed in order that the Council can exercise greater control over how features such as roofs, porches windows and doors are installed or replaced. Therefore, Planning Permission now has to be applied for various items. Applications do not incur a fee, and advice as to what replacement items may be appropriate is available from Anthony Evans or Meave Faulkner in the planning department. 

CA Appraisals & Management Plans were undertaken for all the CAs in the Borough from 2008 - 2010 which recommended that Article 4 Directions be introduced in more CAs and so the Council has decided to do so. The Directions came into force on 12 August 2011 and relate to the following CAs:

Burgh Heath Road Article 4 (pdf - 43kb)
Burgh Heath Road Map (pdf - 4.97mb)

College Road Article 4 (pdf - 43kb)
College Road Map (pdf - 3.14mb)

Church Street Article 4 (pdf - 43kb)
Church Street Map (pdf - 4.58mb)

Worple Road Article 4 (pdf - 43kb)
Worple Road Map (pdf - 4.32mb)

Ewell Village extended CA area Article 4 (pdf - 43kb) (complete coverage: most PD Rights removed)
Ewell Village Map (pdf - 3.78mb)

The Downs Road Estate Article 4 (pdf - 44kb) (complete coverage: limited number of PD Rights removed)
Downs Road Estate Map (pdf - 3.62mb)

Pikes Hill Article 4 (pdf - 43kb)
Pikes Hill Map (pdf - 3.87mb)

Lintons Lane Article 4 (pdf - 42kb) (partial coverage: limited PD Rights removed)
Lintons Lane Map (pdf - 3.46mb)

All affected residents have been sent letters describing how they might be affected.  Copies of the signed Directions and Maps are available to view above and at the Town Hall.  In addition, copies of those for the Ewell Village CA can be viewed at Bourne Hall. Residents have until 9 September to send in their comments, after which the Council will make its final decision at the end of January 2012. The Directions have to either be confirmed or removed by 11 February 2012.

Please direct any questions or concerns to Anthony Evans or Meave Faulkner: 

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