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Allotment Sites

Photo of someone diggingWithin the Borough of Epsom & Ewell, there are now 11 allotment sites. Three of these are self-managed (ie run by their own associations, with support from Epsom & Ewell Borough Council).

On each allotment site you will find water facilities and there are toilets at the West Ewell, Alexandra Road & Kingston Road sites.

Allotments are currently rented at a nominal charge per square metre. Invoices are sent annually in mid-March.

The table below indicates where the allotment sites are located and where you can find the entrances.

Location Entrance gate
Alexandra Road, Epsom
KT17 4EP
Entrances at Wyeths Road and Bridle Road. N.B. Allotment appointments are always met from the Bridle Road entrances.
Barn Elms, Worcester Park
Located within Auriol Park, Salisbury Road. Additional entrances to park from Thorndon Gardens and Chestnut Avenue
Eleanor Avenue, Epsom
KT19 9HD
Located 100 yards within Eleanor Avenue entrance. Additional entrance from Middleton Road.
Elmstead, Ewell
KT19 0DZ
Entrance via footpath at the end of Ewell Court Avenue, Ewell
Epsom Common, Epsom
KT19 8NE
Entrance off Christ Church Road opposite Stamford Green Road
Hessle Grove, Ewell
KT17 1JS (self-managed)
Entrance at the end of Hessle Grove, off Epsom Road, Ewell
Kingston Road, Ewell
KT17 2ER (self-managed)
Located at 'Beggars Hill', Ewell opposite Shortcroft Road
Lane End, Epsom
KT18 7SB
Located off Wheelers Lane, Epsom adjacent to railway line
Park Avenue West, Stoneleigh
KT17 2NU (self-managed)
Entrance from Park Avenue West opposite Ewell Park Way in Stoneleigh
Stones Road, Epsom
KT17 1DF
Located at the end of Stones Road off Portland Place, Epsom. Currently closed down, but soon to open as an organic site only in Summer 2016.
West Ewell, Ewell
KT19 9TA
Entrances at the end of Plough Road (off Chessington Road), West Ewell or Northcroft Road/Bellfield Road junction. Allotment appointments are always met at the Plough Road gate

To find out more information or to apply for a plot, please call Customer Services on 01372 732000.

Allotment Issues

If you have any issues on-site which need addressing, please contact Customer Services on 01372 732000 or by emailing them at

This will save information being missed, lost or duplicated and also create a date and time when logged.

Please note that the Ranger Service can still be contacted out of office hours by using the Town Hall telephone number.

Download a map of the allotment sites (pdf - 715kb)

View of an allotment site

Epsom Common Allotments. Self-management proposal

Epsom & Ewell Borough Council have been approached by the Epsom Common Allotments Society (ECAS) with a proposal to self-manage the Epsom Common Allotments on Christ Church Road. ECAS have held plot holders’ meetings over the last two years, where there was a majority in favour of pursuing this proposal.

Providing that at least 75% of all tenants at these allotments (whether they hold one or more plots) formally vote in support of this proposal, Epsom and Ewell Borough Council would then agree to ECAS’s self-managing the allotment site.

The voting results for the proposal are currently (as of 25 March 2015) as shown:

For:        78 Votes (54%)
Against: 18 Votes (12%)
Abstain: 49 Votes (34%)

The results of the vote, will be looked at the Leisure Committee meeting in October 2015 and decided upon, whether the site goes self-managed, or remains Council-managed.

Insurance for Tenants

Individual plot holders may have public liability included in their household policy to cover their own risk whilst working on their plot or indeed any claim against the plot holder for negligence etc. Individual plot holders should check this out and not make any assumptions about how risks are covered and protected.

Shield Total Insurance approved by The National Society of Allotment Leisure Gardeners Ltd (NSALG)

Pesticide Guidance

Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)
Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Keeping of Animals on Allotment Plots

Did you know you can keep animals on your allotment plot? You can keep bees, chickens (but not cockerels please) and rabbits if you wish. Please refer though to the respective DEFRA, RSPCA and the British Beekeeping Association web pages for further guidance regarding animal welfare.

Link to the RSPCA & DEFRA web pages for guidance on keeping Hens and Rabbits:
The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA)
Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA)

Link for guidance on Beekeeping:

British Beekeeping Association
Surrey Beekeeping Association
Epsom Beekeeping Association
Natural Beekeeping Trust

Please note that if you do wish to bee-come a future apiarist (a keeper of bees) the Council requires that you have:

Attended a Practical Bee Keeping Course
Have Public Liability Insurance in place
Be a current member of a Beekeeping Association

Also, although the Council is supportive of keeping bees on allotment land, please make sure that you ask your immediate allotment plot neighbours if they don't mind you keeping bees. We may however be able to relocate you somewhere else on-site if need be.

Association Links

Link to the National Society of Allotment Leisure Gardeners Ltd (NSALG):
National Society of Allotment Leisure Gardeners Ltd

Link to the Allotment Regeneration Initiative (ARI):
Allotment Regeneration Initiative

Link to the National Vegetable Society:
National Vegetable Society

Link for guidance on local Horticultural Associations:
Ewell Horticultural Association
Epsom Garden Society

Free Manure

Link for guidance on Manure:
Health and Safety Executive (HSE)

Epsom RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) are very happy to have people taking manure away for a small donation (this can be made payable in the Coffee Room). The best times for people to come to collect manure are as follows:

Open 7 days a week - 9am to 1pm (Saturdays open till 4pm)

Epsom RDA (Riding for Disabled Association)
St Ebbas Farm
Hook Road
KT19 8QW
Tel: 01372 743690

Pleaser remember to bring a spade and bags so to take your manure away.

Link to the Epsom RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association):
Epsom RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association)

Organic Gardening

With Stones Road allotment site (organic gardening only) hopefully opening up in Spring 2015, some organic views, advice & guidance can be found here using the following internet links:

Royal Horticultural Society- Organic Gardening
The National Allotment Society - The Organic or Inorganic Allotment?
The Telegraph (Newspaper) - Prince Charles says organic allotments can save the environment
Garden Organic- Why be Organic? 

Allotment Literature

Link for guidance to 'Allotments: A Plot Holders' Guide' via the Allotment Regeneration Initiative web page:
Allotments: A Plot Holders' Guide

Link for guidance to 'a place to grow: a supplementary document to growing in the community' written by the Allotment Regeneration Initiative (ARI) in 2007 via the Local Government Association web page:
'a place to grow: a supplementary document to growing in the community'

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