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Ewell High Street Action Plan

As a result of the detailed assessment of air quality on Ewell High Street in 2007, Ewell High Street was declared an Air Quality Management Area (AQMA). This was because this report identified that there was a risk of the annual nitrogen dioxide objective being exceeded in this area in the future.

The Council's Social Committee approved the Action Plan for Air Quality in Ewell High Street in November 2010 and it now forms the basis of air quality improvement work in Ewell Village.

Ewell High Street Air Quality Action Plan (pdf - 1.44mb)
Ewell High Street Further Assessment of Air Quality (pdf - 1.43mb)
Background to Ewell High Street Air Quality Management Area (pdf - 1.23kb)


All local authorities have a responsibility to review and assess the current and likely future air quality within their borough from time to time.

Air quality is assessed against objectives for various pollutants which are set out in the National Air Quality Strategy. These objectives are based on scientific and medical evidence on the effects of each pollutant on human health.

Where a local authority identifies that an air quality objective for a particular pollutant is being, or may be, exceeded in a particular area where there is relevant public exposure, they must declare an air quality management area.

Which pollutants do we monitor?

In Epsom & Ewell we monitor nitrogen dioxide concentrations. Nitrogen dioxide is monitored at 28 sites throughout the Borough using diffusion tubes. To find out more about diffusion tube monitoring and where these are currently located, please click on the following link: diffusion tube monitoring and location map (pdf - 1.23kb)

In 2008 we acquired a continuous analyser and installed it in Ewell High Street.  This allows us to monitor nitrogen dioxide more accurately than diffusion tubes and allows us to access real time data.

We also take part in the UK Nitrogen Dioxide network and our results, compared with other locations throughout the country, are available at the UK National Air Quality Information Archive.

What are the health impacts of poor air quality?

More information on particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide, including the potential health impacts, can be found on the Air Quality Archive website.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs have also produced an information leaflet (pdf - 288kb) on the health effects of air pollution.

A new website has been launched by the Health & Environment Alliance (HEAL) and the European Federation of Allergy and Airways Diseases Patients Associations (EFA) aimed at providing information on air quality, particularly to those who are susceptible to the effects of air pollution.

Know your air for health

Epsom & Ewell Air Quality Reports

As part of the review and assessment process, Epsom & Ewell have produced a number of reports on air quality:

2003 Updating and Screening Assessment (pdf - 1.19mb)
2004 Progress Report (pdf - 1.55mb)
2005 Progress Report (pdf - 2.69mb)
2006 Updating and Screening Assessment (pdf - 389kb)
2007 Detailed Assessment of air quality in Ewell High Street (pdf - 700kb)
2008 Progress Report (pdf - 6.64mb)
2009 Updating and Screening Assessment (pdf - 1.45mb)
2010 Initial Detailed Assessment of air quality in Epsom High Street (pdf - 2.07mb)
2010 Progress Report (pdf - 1.42mb)
2011 Progress Report (pdf - 1.66mb)
2012 Updating and Screening Assessment (pdf - 909kb)

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