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The following types of student will not be included for Council Tax purposes when looking at the number of residents in a dwelling:

Full Time Students - Class 1

If you are a student (or an overseas student) on a full-time or qualifying course of education at an educational establishment.

A full time course of education is defined as a course which runs for at least one academic or calendar year.  There must also be a requirement to study for at least 24 weeks in a year and be required to study for at least 21 hours per week.

Student Nurses - Class 2

If you are a student nurse following a course leading to an appropriate registration under the Nurses, Midwives and Health Visitor Act 1979.

Student nurses studying academic courses at universities are classed as students for Council Tax purposes.

Apprentices - Class 3

If you are an apprentice employed to learn a job, and as part of that learning, are undertaking training leading to a qualification accredited by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority.  You must be paid a maximum of £195 per week (before tax). 

Youth Training Trainees - Class 4

If you are under 25 and are undertaking training through an approved scheme under the Employment and Training Act 1973 funded by the Learning and Skills Council for England.

Non British Spouse of a Student - Class 14

If you are the spouse or dependant of a student, are not a British Citizen and are prevented by the terms of your permission to be in the UK either from taking paid employment or from claiming benefits.

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